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False Claims Circulate: Old Video from Thailand Misrepresented as Uyghur Muslim Being Assaulted in China

False Claims Circulate: Old Video from Thailand Misrepresented as Uyghur Muslim Being Assaulted in China

In a disturbing incident, a video has been widely shared on social media with misleading claims that an Uyghur Muslim was brutally attacked for offering namaz in a public place in China. However, thorough fact-checking reveals that this video is, in fact, an old incident from Thailand in 2020, where an employee was beaten by his boss for not following work orders. 

The circulation of this video with false claims aims to propagate religious hatred and spread misinformation. Let’s delve deeper into the incident and expose the truth behind these misleading tweets.

Incident Description: 

The video in question depicts a man being violently thrashed and kicked by an assailant while surrounded by a group of onlookers. It is essential to separate the actual incident from the fabricated narrative surrounding it. The misleading claim suggests that this act of violence was targeted specifically at an Uyghur Muslim engaged in religious activities in China.

Misleading Tweets: 

Several Twitter users have shared the video with false claims, contributing to the spread of misinformation. Let’s examine some of the notable misleading tweets and analyze their impact:

Ajay Chauhan (@ajaychauhan41) posted the video with the caption insinuating an Uyghur Muslim being assaulted in China. [1] Archived link: [1]

Amberological (@Amberological) shared the video, further amplifying the false narrative about the incident. [2] Archived link: [2]

Nationalist8405 (@Nationalist8405) disseminated the video with misleading claims, promoting animosity towards a particular community. [3] Archived link: [3]

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

In order to debunk the misleading claims surrounding the video, D-Intent, an organization specializing in fact-checking, conducted a thorough investigation. Their findings clearly demonstrate that the video is not related to China or the Uyghur Muslim community. Instead, it originated in Thailand in 2020 and captures an incident where an employee was assaulted by his boss for failing to follow work orders.

Fact-Checking Links:

D-Intent published a comprehensive fact-checking report exposing the true origins of the video, separating it from the false claims made on social media. [4] Archived link: [4]

Another source shared by D-Intent was a Twitter post from @gbbbsjp, which provides additional evidence confirming the incident as unrelated to China and Uyghur Muslims. [5] Archived link: [5]

D-Intent also referred to a YouTube video debunking the false narrative by providing context about the actual incident in Thailand. [6] Archived link: [6]

Intent Behind the Incident: 

The dissemination of this old video from Thailand, misrepresented as an assault on an Uyghur Muslim in China, serves a malicious purpose. The intent behind such actions is to fuel religious hatred and spread misinformation targeting a specific community. By circulating false claims, the propagators aim to manipulate public opinion, provoke unrest, and deepen divisions within society.


It is crucial to exercise caution and critical thinking while consuming information on social media platforms. This incident highlights the need for responsible sharing and fact-checking before amplifying any claims. The false representation of an old video from Thailand as an attack on an Uyghur Muslim in China demonstrates the lengths to which propagandists will go to promote their agendas. Let us remain vigilant and committed to combating the dissemination of misinformation for the betterment of our society.


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