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Video Of Former Cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir Reacting Aggressively During India vs Pakistan Match at Pallekele, Circulated Out Of Context: Fact-Check

A few days ago, a video featuring former Indian cricketer and current Member of Parliament from the BJP, Gautam Gambhir, went viral on social media. The video with misleading context was shared by many, prominent ones being @45Fan_Prathmesh, @BluntIndianGal, @AdityaR2745365, @warispathan, @SilentEyes0106, and @_HumHindustani. In the video, Gambhir appears to be reacting aggressively, leading to allegations that he showed his middle finger to fans chanting “Kohli-Kohli” during an India vs. Nepal Asia Cup league match. However, a closer look at the facts reveals a different story.

Source and Context

The video in question, which has been widely circulated, is not from an India vs. Nepal match. Instead, it originates from an India vs. Pakistan match that took place on a Saturday at Pallekele. During this intense encounter, pro-Pakistani fans were heard shouting anti-India slogans and making comments about Kashmir. It was in response to these provocations that Gautam Gambhir expressed his displeasure and showed a middle finger to the crowd shouting provocative slogans.

Gambhir’s Defense

When questioned about his actions in the viral clip, Gambhir defended himself by asserting that the video did not portray the full sequence of events. He revealed that the crowd was actively engaging in “anti-India” slogans and discussions about Kashmir. In his words, “If you raise anti-India slogans and speak about Kashmir, then the person before you will obviously react, and not smile and leave. There were two or three Pakistanis there who were making anti-India comments and comments on Kashmir. So, it was my natural reaction. I won’t hear anything against my country.”

Fact-Check Conclusion

The circulating video of Gautam Gambhir reacting aggressively during a cricket match has been taken out of context. It is essential to recognize that the incident occurred during an India vs. Pakistan match, not India vs. Nepal, as falsely claimed. Gautam Gambhir’s reaction was a response to provocative behaviour from Pakistani fans, including anti-India slogans and comments on Kashmir. It had no connection to Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni fans. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below.

Claim: The video shows Gautam Gambhir showing middle finger during an India vs. Nepal match to the crowd chanting Kohli-Kohli chants.

Fact: The video is from an India vs. Pakistan match, and Gambhir’s reaction was in response to anti-India slogans and comments on Kashmir by Pakistani fans.

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