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Cricket World Cup — Indian Fans Fight Each Other During IND vs AFG at Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi, Pakistanis Circulated False Claims About Afghans: Fact-Check

A Video footage of a group of young fans fighting at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium during the #INDvAFG match has gone viral, with the claim being made that Hindu extremists abuse and humiliate Afghan nationals. The video of an altercation between spectators that broke out is becoming widely shared. Some False Claims About Afghans by the Pakistanis were made during the match.

South Asian Journal (“@sajournal1“), tweeted on X, with the caption “Afghan who was supporting Afghan team was beaten by Indians in the stadium during #IndiavsAfghanistan match #WorldCup2023“. The tweet has received about 1.6M views and more than 1.5k shares on twitter.

Many other misleading propaganda profiles, some of which are verified on X ,including, Saba Naqvi (” @_sabanaqvi“), Af-Pak Monitor (“@AfPak_monitor“), David cricko (“@Unknownstar7292“) , Gumnam Sipahi (“@srizshaikh2“), Moona Ahmad (“@ZaibMoona“), Ahm Khan (“@AhmKhan1958865“), Nibraz Ramzan (“@nibraz88cricket“), Farid Khan (“@_FaridKhan“), The Intel Consortium (“@IntelPk_“), South Asia Times (“@SATimes_TV“) shared the same video with the same claim. Some of them later deleted the tweet ( You can read the archive of those posts from above).

Analysis and Truth about the claim

In a group stage match at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on Oct 11, 2023, Wednesday, India soundly defeated Afghanistan by eight wickets. The crowds that came out to support the Men in Blue were treated to a fantastic game.

But, a video of a fight between the fans went viral from the match. A heated argument between a group of men is captured on camera with one of them beating up the other. There doesn’t appear to be any police presence, but another man can be seen attempting to defuse the situation.Why the situation worsened is unknown.

After proper analysis, it has been noted, that the fight during the match had nothing to do with Afghan fans; rather, it was a brawl between Indian fans within their group.

Reports were made by The Indian Express also about the fight during India vs Afghanistan match.

After closely watching the video, we discovered that the victim of the beating had an Indian tricolour flag painted on his cheek. Check out this photo from the video from the day of the match.

D- Intent Data clarified this fake misleading news with authencity on X.


Videos with fictitious claims are being circulated by propaganda accounts based in Pakistan in an effort to stoke animosity between Indian and Afghan cricket supporters and get the impressions.


Claim: Afghan nationals are allegedly the targets of violence and humiliation by Hindu extremists, according to a video that has gone viral and depicts a group of young fans fighting at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi during the #INDvAFG match.

Fact: There was no connection between the altercation and the Afghan fans; it was just between Indian fans in their group. A close examination of the video reveals that the victim of the beating has an Indian tricolour flag painted on his cheek.

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Editor D-Intent Data
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