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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Israeli Soldiers Using Women And Children As Human Shields? Fact-Check

Misleading Claim

A video has been circulated in the social media where it has been alleged that during an Israeli raid on Jericho, Israeli Soldiers are using Palestinians as human shields.

Sharing a video purportedly shows Israeli soldiers using a Palestinian woman and child as human shields close to the Gaza Strip during the ongoing crisis, while the civilian carrying the child is also seen with the soldiers. 

In the video, Israeli soldiers could be seen holding up their weapons and putting the Palestinians between them and a military truck.

The video went viral during the Israel – Palestine conflict.

Several users tweeted on X, claiming that, this video is taken during the period of this conflict. Profiles on X including, @ajaychauhan41 also shared the video with the same claim. Here you can check the full tweet by the user.

Research, Analysis and Fact: Was the incident which was claimed by several users true?

After proper research and analysis done by D- Intent Data, we have verified that this footage is not taken during the current Israel – Palestine War. The footage that went viral on various social media platforms is an old video clip from March,2023.

International humanitarian law forbids the use of “human shields,” which include coercing civilians into protecting soldiers or an area from harm or into actively participating in military operations.

In an attempt to mislead people, users are spreading old videos that they claim are from the current Gaza conflict.

Check the full video of Israeli Soldiers being accused of using Palestinians as human shields in raid on Jericho below:

D- Intent Data verified that the news spread about the viral video is misleading with authencity.


In an attempt to mislead people, several misleading propaganda users are spreading old videos and claim that Israeli soldiers are using a Palestinian woman and child as human shields near the Gaza Strip in the ongoing crisis.


Claim – A video shows that Israeli soldiers are allegedly using a Palestinian woman and child as human shields close to the Gaza Strip during the ongoing Israel – Palestine conflict.

Fact – The video used is old and is not from the ongoing war of Israel and Hamas.There are no verified reports about the claims made by several users on social media.

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