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Pakistan — Old Video of Firing From Yadgar Chawk Gilgit, Falsely Being Connected with the Recent Unrest in Chitral

Pakistan — Old Video of Firing From Yadgar Chawk Gilgit, Falsely Being Connected with the Recent Unrest in Chitral

A few days ago, amid the ongoing unrest in Pakistan, a video surfaced on social media, purportedly showing a recent firing in Chitral. However, upon closer examination, this video turned out to be an old incident from Yadgar Chawk Gilgit in 2022. This misleading content has been widely shared on social media, creating unnecessary tension in the region. In India, many prominent accounts fell prey to the misleading video being shared. Many of them shared it from their accounts, such as @AdityaRajKaul, @MahalaxmiRaman, and @NepCorres.

The Source of the Gilgit – Chitral Unrest Video

We traced the origins of this video to an incident in Yadgar Chawk Gilgit in 2022. The clash occurred when the Shia leader of Gilgit-Baltistan, Agha Rahat Hussain Al-Hussaini, was hoisting the Alam (flag) of Hazrat Imam Hussain at Khomar Chowk during Muharram. This video has no connection to Chitral or the recent unrest there. We found a video uploaded by a pro-Pakistani Twitter handle, @mudassirhaidri.

Confirmation from Pakistani Sources

To further confirm the authenticity of our findings, we refer to two articles from Pakistani news sources. The Dawn published an article on August 1, 2022, reporting that the Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister, Khalid Khurshid Khan, had addressed the situation in Yadgar Chawk Gilgit. He assured the public that strict action would be taken against those trying to disrupt the peace. Home Secretary Iqbal Hussain Khan confirmed the arrest of 44 suspects involved in the incident, with more arrests planned based on intelligence.

Additionally, Geo TV published an article on September 6, 2023, reporting on a separate incident in Chitral. Four soldiers were tragically killed while defending Pakistan Army checkposts near the Afghanistan border. This attack had no connection to the old video of unrest from Yadgar Chawk in Chitral, Gilgit.


In these times of unrest, it is crucial to rely on verified information from credible sources. The video falsely linked to the Chitral unrest is actually from Yadgar Chawk Gilgit in 2022. We must exercise caution and responsibility when sharing content on social media to avoid further escalating tensions and maintain peace in the region.

Social media influencers and media personalities have been circulating this video without proper verification, falsely connecting it to the ongoing unrest in Chitral. This misinformation not only adds to the chaos but also undermines the credibility of India. It’s crucial to rely on accurate information and avoid spreading unverified content. Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below.

Claim: The viral video depicts a recent firing during the Chitral unrest in Pakistan.

Fact: The video is an old incident from Yadgar Chawk Gilgit, unrelated to the Chitral unrest.

In our pursuit of accurate and unbiased information, we’ve diligently fact-checked the claims surrounding the incident. Misinformation can sow discord and disrupt communal harmony. Your support matters greatly in our mission to foster an informed and united society. Together, let’s strive to make India and Indians proud, upholding truth and unity. Jai Hind.

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