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Case 1070 PM Modi approval rating in G-20 Summit Delhi
Fact Check

Old Billboard Features PM Narendra Modi’s Highest Approval Rating Falsely Being Connected With G-20 Summit Delhi: Fact-Check

A few days ago, an image of a billboard surfaced on social media, allegedly from the G-20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi, showcasing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the most popular world leader among attendees, or in layman’s language the billboard showed PM Modi with high approval rating.

The image, along with the claim, has been shared by a section of social media influencers linked to the Congress and Left-wing IT-cell, and their whole ecosystems. They assert that the billboard is from the ongoing G-20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi, indicating that PM Modi is using the approval rating to boost his global image while ignoring the G-20 guests.

Some of the prominent accounts which tweeted the photo with misleading context were, @pradeepraiindia, @rohini_sgh, @TeamSaath, @ShashiTharoor, @MahuaMoitraFans and @MANJULtoons. The Economist went further and released a whole article [archive].

The Reality

Contrary to the claim, this image is not from the current G-20 Summit. It actually dates back to April 2023 when, according to the US-based global leader approval tracker ‘Morning Consult,’ PM Narendra Modi topped the list with an impressive 78% approval rating. As of now, PM Modi still maintains a high approval rating, leading the world leaders list with a 76% approval rate. You can refer to an article [archive] by Morning Consult for better clarity. Change to active voice: “I have also embedded the tweet [archive] for reference below.

While conducting a reverse image search, we discovered numerous websites that had used the same image, which was widely circulated back in April. You can find one of these instances linked here [archive] for reference.


In conclusion, the viral image connecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s highest approval rating with the ongoing G-20 Summit in Delhi is misleading. The image is from April 2023 and has nothing to do with the current event. It is essential to verify information from credible sources to prevent the spread of false narratives.

The circulation of this old hoarding by Congress leaders, social media influencers, the Congress IT cell, and the Left-wing ecosystem is clearly an attempt to serve their political agenda. Meanwhile, world leaders and the global media have come to India for the G-20 Summit, but it’s important to note that India already hosted this summit on the 9th and 10th of September.

Claim: Someone put up a billboard for the G-20 Summit Delhi showcasing PM Modi’s highest approval rating.

Fact: The image in question does indeed originate from April 2023, and individuals have falsely connected it to the ongoing G-20 Summit in Delhi.

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