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45 Royal Families, Including Prince of Bhavnagar Jaiveerraj Singh From the Rajput Community in Gujarat Urged People to Vote for PM Modi? Fact-Check

There are rumours circulating that 45 royal families, including Gujarat’s Prince of Bhavnagar, Jaiveerraj Singh, a member of the Rajput community, urged people to vote...
Fact Check

Non-veg Food And Hijab Are Prohibited in Schools, Colleges And Hostels of Ramakrishna Mission? Fact-Check 

Social media influencers assert that Ramakrishna Mission, which will serve as India’s educational model, prohibits non-vegetarian food and the wearing of the hijab in its...
Fact Check

Video Of Adani Group’s Private Freight Train Circulated as Indian Government Sold Trains To Adani Group: Fact-Check 

A freight train video has gone viral, purporting to show that PM Modi sold the railways to Adani. Previously, the name of the railways was...
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Video Of A Man Creates Ruckus On Air France’s Flight Circulated With Communal Claims: Fact-Check 

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It has been falsely claimed that an drunk Hindu passenger on an Air France flight got into an argument with a Sikh gentleman based on a...

G-20 Summit Delhi — A Look At The Propaganda And Success of The G20 Summit

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A few days ago, India hosted the G-20 Leaders’ Summit 2023 in New Delhi under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. It was a spectacle...
Fact Check

Old Billboard Features PM Narendra Modi’s Highest Approval Rating Falsely Being Connected With G-20 Summit Delhi: Fact-Check

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A few days ago, an image of a billboard surfaced on social media, allegedly from the G-20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi, showcasing Prime Minister Narendra...
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