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Fact Check

Non-veg Food And Hijab Are Prohibited in Schools, Colleges And Hostels of Ramakrishna Mission? Fact-Check 

Social media influencers assert that Ramakrishna Mission, which will serve as India’s educational model, prohibits non-vegetarian food and the wearing of the hijab in its...
Fact CheckWorld

Iranian MMA Fighter Ali Heibati kicked A Ring Girl Because She Was Not Wearing Hijab at MMA Tournament In Moscow? Fact-Check 

Editor D-Intent Data
It has been claimed that Iranian MMA Ali Heibati kicked a ring girl because she wasn’t covered up by a hijab in a video of a Moscow...
Ajay ChauhanFact Check

Girls Studying Without Wearing Hijab in Saudi Arabia’s Schools?Fact-Check 

A video that purports to show girls in Saudi Arabian schools learning without hijab is making the rounds. Verified accounts on twitter, including @ajaychauhan41 tweeted “Intolerant...
Ajay ChauhanFact Check

Istanbul, Turkey — Old Video Of a Brawl Between Passengers Over Locker Space on Tunisair Flight TU216 Resurfaced With Communal Claims: Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
An old video of a fight has gone viral with the false allegation that, after fighting over a locker space on a flight from Turkey...
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