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Old Video Of Truckloads With Rohingyas, Resurfaced With Misleading Claims: Fact-Check 

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According to a video that has gone viral, two truckloads of 80 Rohingyas from Bangladesh packed their possessions, travelled to a village close to Baruipur...
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Salwan Momika, Who Burnt the Quran in Sweden, Was Found Dead in Norway? Fact-Check 

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There are rumours circulating that Salwan Momika, the person who burned the Quran in Sweden, was discovered dead in Norway. Verified accounts on twitter, including...
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Old Video Shows Mob Attacking Police Falsely Linked To Farmers’ Protest 2024: Fact-Check

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A video purporting to be from the ongoing farmers’ protest in 2024 shows a mob attacking cops and chasing them away. Verified accounts on twitter, including @RealBababanaras...
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Maldivian President Apologizes Indians With Folded Hands Via Tweet? Fact-Check 

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A digitally altered image is making the rounds, purporting to show the Maldivian president tweeting an apology while folding his hands. However, the tweet was taken...
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Mianwali, Pakistan— Old Video Of Burning Chinese Shenyang F-6 Dummy Aircraft Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check

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Six PAF aircraft were allegedly destroyed in an operation by unidentified gunmen inside PAF #MianwaliAirBase in Pakistani Punjab, according to a video that has been...
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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Visuals From “Empty Place” Movie Circulated With False Claims: Fact-Check

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A video has been shared claiming that Israelis doing a rehearsal of shooting a fake child death video to blame #Hamas.Fact is that this video...
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