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Unveiling Misinformation: Old Video Altered to Target PM Modi during #ModiInUSA Visit

Unveiling Misinformation: Old Video Altered to Target PM Modi during #ModiInUSA Visit

In the era of social media, the rapid dissemination of information has its drawbacks, especially when misinformation comes into play. Recently, a video started circulating on social media, containing disrespectful and objectionable remarks directed towards PM Modi. The video was falsely claimed to be from his ongoing visit to the United States. However, a thorough investigation reveals that the scenes in the video are from the “Howdy Modi” event in September 2019. The video has been digitally altered and is not related to his current visit. Let’s delve into the incident, examine the misleading tweets, explore the fact-checking efforts conducted by D-Intent, and uncover the true intent behind this disinformation campaign.

Description of the Incident: 

The incident revolves around a video that went viral on social media, portraying disrespectful comments aimed at Prime Minister Modi. Numerous Twitter users shared the video, falsely alleging that it was from his ongoing visit to the United States. The spread of this video led to widespread outrage and controversy. However, a closer examination of the video reveals a different truth.

Misleading Tweets:

  1. @manishkumarttp shared the video, falsely claiming it to be from Prime Minister Modi’s current visit to the USA. Archived
  2. Another Twitter user, @TalkShahid, also shared the video, perpetuating the false claim about its origin. Archived
  3. @HimanshuSaini36 shared the misleading video, further adding to the false narrative. Archived
  4. @boltabharatnews contributed to the spread of misinformation by sharing the video with false claims. Archived
  5. @SRSoniINC, @WaseemK42128491, and @rinkuCh_offcial were among the users who shared the misleading video, contributing to its virality.

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

Upon closer examination, D-Intent and other fact-checking entities discovered that the scenes in the video were from the “Howdy Modi” event in September 2019. The original version of the video contained “Bharat Mata ki Jai” slogans instead of objectionable comments. The video had been digitally altered to mislead viewers into believing that it was related to Prime Minister Modi’s ongoing visit to the USA.

The Intent:

The intent behind circulating this old video from the “Howdy Modi” event with false claims was to target Prime Minister Modi and create a negative perception of him. The circulation of such videos by certain political entities and anti-India propaganda spreaders aims to serve their own agenda and discredit the Prime Minister’s reputation.


The incident involving the misleading video targeting Prime Minister Modi during his #ModiInUSA visit highlights the rampant spread of misinformation on social media platforms. Through diligent fact-checking efforts by D-Intent and others, the truth behind the video’s origin was exposed. This incident serves as a reminder to always verify information before accepting and sharing it. By doing so, we can collectively combat the spread of misinformation and protect the integrity of public discourse.

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