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Fact-Check: Old Video Of Students Fighting in Beveren, Belgium Falsely Being Linked to Indian Girl and Netherlands

Several days ago, a video surfaced on social media, depicting a group of girls involved in a physical altercation. The video was accompanied by claims that an Indian girl was subjected to violence by African girls in the Netherlands, allegedly due to racist remarks. However, our investigation reveals a different story. The video with misleading claims was shared by many users, the major ones being the same regular fake news spreaders such as @ajaychauhan41, @007AliSohrab,@ashoswai,@ownthoughts_24.

Source and Background

Our investigation into the origins of this video led us to a report by the Dutch news portal [archive], published on October 5, 2022. This report sheds light on the incident, stating that seven minors were arrested in connection with a serious fight that occurred in Beveren, East Flanders, Belgium. The images from this fight had circulated on social media, sparking various claims and speculations.

Contrary to the false narrative circulating on social media, the incident did not take place in the Netherlands, and there is no concrete evidence linking the victim to India or an Indian girl video. This video actually captures an incident that unfolded in Beveren, Belgium, in October 2022. It involves a group of teenage girl students assaulting another teenage girl student within the premises of their school.

The Belgian authorities arrested seven minor female students involved in the altercation, and they were subsequently suspended from the school. Two of the accused girls faced trial in Antwerp due to their prominent roles in the physical confrontation, as they were responsible for the most severe blows inflicted on the victim. The other minors were arrested due to their involvement in the fight, although their roles were deemed less significant, leading to their exclusion from legal proceedings.

In summary, this video is not a recent occurrence, nor does it involve an Indian girl in the Netherlands as falsely claimed on social media. All individuals involved in the altercation were local residents of Beveren, Belgium.


In light of our investigation, we can confirm that the video circulating on social media, supposedly depicting an Indian girl being attacked by African girls in the Netherlands, is, in fact, an old video from Beveren, Belgium. The claims made regarding the location and ethnicity of those involved are unsubstantiated and misleading. Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below. For more clarity, you can read another article by

Claim: A video circulating on social media shows an Indian girl being attacked by African girls in the Netherlands.

Fact: The video is from Beveren, Belgium, and there is no verified information linking the victim to India or the Netherlands.

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