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Fact-Check — Heart-Wrenching Video Of Newborn Baby From Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Falsely Being Linked to Morocco Earthquake

Fact-Check — Heart-Wrenching Video Of Newborn Baby From Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Falsely Being Linked to Morocco Earthquake

A few days ago, a disturbing video surfaced on social media, showing a newborn baby found buried alive under soil. Shockingly, some individuals falsely linked this video to the recent Morocco Earthquake, causing panic and chaos among netizens. The video with false claims was shared by many, but the main ones being @DFiosa and @amar__10. Contrary to these misleading claims, the video of the newborn in question originated in Kanpur, India, not Morocco.

The Real Story: Kanpur, India

Specifically, someone filmed it in Pulandar village, Uttar Pradesh. In this Indian village, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded as someone cruelly buried an innocent newborn alive in the soil near a primary school. Local residents discovered the infant and promptly intervened, rescuing the baby and rushing them to the hospital. Thankfully, the child’s condition was stable. The video of the newborn from Kanpur went viral on social media and because of the recent earthquakes in Morocco, people started linking it and sharing false videos.

Police Response and Tweets

The horrifying incident swiftly gained the attention of both the villagers and the police. However, upon receiving information about this heinous act, the Kanpur Dehat Police acted with urgency. They started an immediate investigation to determine the circumstances and identify those responsible. From their official Twitter account (@kanpurdehatpol), the police released a video showcasing their efforts in rescuing the baby. They shared, “Taking immediate cognizance of the information about a newborn baby lying in a field in village Purandar under Musanagar police station area, the police, while performing their duty from a humanitarian point of view, admitted the baby to CHC Devipur and gave first aid, due to which the baby is currently healthy.”

Furthermore, they posted another video, this time featuring a senior police officer addressing the issue. This included details about the steps taken, ongoing investigations, and relief about the baby’s well-being.

Intent Behind Sharing: False Panic

The person sharing this video of a newborn child from Kanpur, falsely linked to the Morocco earthquake, seems to have the intent of causing panic and confusion. They are focusing on getting social media attention and followers. In conclusion, it is essential to rely on accurate information during times of crisis. While the video is undeniably painful, it has no connection to the Morocco earthquake. The incident occurred in Kanpur, India, and is unrelated to any natural disaster. Misleading claims can lead to unnecessary panic and hinder the response to actual emergencies.

Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below. Also, refer to an article by Live Hindustan for clarity, click here [archive].

Claim: A newborn baby was found buried alive under the soil in the recent deadly Morocco earthquake.

Fact: No, it’s misleading; the video of the newborn is from Kanpur, not Morocco.

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