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Jalandhar, Punjab — Men Caught Red-Handed Cooking Beef, Propagandists Come in Support of Illegal Activities

Jalandhar, Punjab — Men Caught Red-Handed Cooking Beef, Propagandists Come in Support of Illegal Activities

A few days ago in Jalandhar, Punjab, a disturbing incident occurred when two individuals were apprehended while cooking beef in a Chaumo (Adampur) village. This event garnered significant attention, with allegations of far-right groups, along with the police, conducting a search at the site, and one of the residents facing physical violence during the altercation. However, it’s essential to fact-check this incident to separate the truth from propaganda and provide a clear account of what transpired.

Propaganda and Misinformation:

The incident attracted propagandists who attempted to manipulate the narrative to defend the illegal activities of certain individuals belonging to the Muslim community. Their goal was to whitewash the crime and create a false perception that they were victims of an unjust police operation. This misinformation was primarily spread through social media handles like @HindutvaWatchIn and @imMAK02.

The Source:

The information regarding this incident primarily originated from a video shared on social media platforms. The video claimed that members of far-right groups, along with the police, raided two Muslim homes over suspicions of cooking beef. The occupant of one of the houses was allegedly subjected to physical violence. This video was circulated widely, creating a narrative that raised concerns.

The Ground Reality of the Jalandhar Beef Cooking Incident:

In reality, the incident was related to the illegal cooking and sale of beef in Chaumo village. Contrary to the allegations, the individuals in question were caught cooking beef by the police. It was not an isolated occurrence, as multiple households were found to be involved in this activity, selling beef at a rate of 500 rupees per kilogram. The police acted upon complaints from local Hindu organizations and promptly arrested two individuals, Bakar Ali and Anwar Ali, involved in the illegal trade. Upon interrogation, they confessed to their actions. They now face charges related to disrupting communal harmony. and the authorities have registered a case against the accused, with further legal actions underway.

It is crucial to note that cow slaughtering in Punjab without government permission is illegal. As per Punjab state law on cow slaughtering, “Beef” doesn’t include imported beef; the term “cow” includes bulls, bullocks, oxen, heifers, and calves. Slaughter is allowed for export, and that too with a government permit. Cooking or consuming beef domestically is strictly prohibited. Click here, to check out which states have what law on cow slaughter [archive].


The incident in Jalandhar, Punjab, involving the illegal cooking and sale of beef, was misrepresented by propagandists seeking to manipulate the narrative. The fact-check reveals that the police took appropriate action in response to illegal activities. It is essential to rely on verified information and avoid falling prey to misinformation spread through social media. Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below. To get more information about the event kindly click here [archive], to get a report from the local news media portal.

Claim: Far-right groups and the police targeted innocent Muslims over suspicions of cooking beef.

Fact: The individuals in question were caught cooking beef illegally, and legal actions have been initiated against them.

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