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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Image Of a Man Holding a Lifeless Body of a Child Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

Reportedly recent from the ongoing conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israel, a sensitive image of a man holding a Dead Body of a Child has surfaced.

The claim made by the users went viral on the Internet during the current Israel – Palestine conflict.

Md Uzair Khan (“@IMMDUK“), wrote on X, with the caption “TRIGGER WARNING…. Will your heart break after seeing the country and religion of this child? –@vinodkapri“. He shared the tweet made by @vinodkapri as he had the same view on the incident that went viral on the social media.

Verified user on twitter, Md Asif Khan (“@imMAK02), also believed that the image is from the current war between Israel and Hamas.

What is the truth behind the video that is viral?

In actuality, this is an outdated photo from 2014 and is not at all related to the current war between Israel and Hamas.

The incident took place 9 years before and the claim made by the users that it is a photo from the Israel- Palestine conflict is absolutely fake.

Here, an article was published where it shows the pictures of the incident. The pictures of the childrens are posted here with the caption “Pictures of Gaza children and death.. Gaza children and death”.

The sensitive video was posted in a youtube channel 9 years before where it claims the pictures of Palestinian children killed by Israel in Gaza.

See the full video here to get the clarity about the incident:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


False claims and sensitive old images are circulated by misinformation propaganda accounts in an attempt to defame Israel.


Claim : A graphic picture purporting to be recent from the ongoing battle between Israel and the Hamas terrorists shows a man holding a dead child’s body.

Fact: The truth is that this is a 2014 old photo and is not from the current Israel-Palestine conflict.

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