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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Image of Palestinian Soldiers at Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG) Training Centre Circulated as Recent: Fact-Check

It has been claimed that a recent photo of five uniformed soldiers brandishing their weapons in Cherat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, shows Hamas terrorists receiving training from the Pakistan Army.

Verified profiles on X, including Sumit Peer (“@sumitp191“) tweeted about the incident and wrote that according to sources, Iran is currently housing 1,059 Pakistani mercenaries who will shortly wage $30 per day and join the fight against Israel via Syria and Lebanon. There is a chance that more Pakistanis will team up with #EclipseSolar Hamas and #Hezbollah via Iran looms.

What is the Truth about the Recent Viral Picture of Uniformed Soldiers? : Fact

The picture is old and belongs to Palestinians. Nonetheless, as was to be expected of them, the Pakistani government, a number of organisations, and citizens arranged public events and provided Hamas with unwavering support. Pakistan has a long history of renting out its army to foreign powers during conflicts.

Misinformation spreading Pakistani accounts first spread this picture with misleading claims and then several other profiles on the social media started circulating it.

After proper research and analysis, we found out that the same picture was uploaded in an article published by reddit five years ago. They mentioned about the picture that Palestinian soldiers are undergoing training at Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG) training center.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:

Intent :

Old photos are being circulated by Pakistanis to support their narrative about the unrest in Israel and Palestine and to demonstrate their loyalty to terrorist groups. A small number of Indian geopolitical experts are sharing these images without doing additional research.


Claim : Claiming to be a recent photo of Hamas terrorists receiving training from the Pakistan Army in Cherat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, an image has surfaced showing five uniformed soldiers holding their weapons.

Fact : The image is old and belongs to Palestinians.

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