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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video Of ISIS Shows Turkish Troops Burning Alive in Syria Viral as Hamas Burning Israeli soldiers: Fact-Check 

Some have circulated a disturbingly sensitive video purporting to show Israeli soldiers being burned alive by Hamas terrorists during the ongoing conflict, featuring two men in uniform being chained up.

Verified account on twitter, The Jaipur Dialogues (“@JaipurDialogues“) supported the claim made by Rapper Pandit (“@RapperPandit“) and wrote that these are vicious animals, these Jihadis. No other way to put it. It is 1400 years that they have been suffering after the video went viral. The post has received an about 738.8k views. and 7.6k reshares.

Some other verified profiles, including Naveen Kr Jindal (“@naveenjindalbjp“) shared his views on the sensitive video that went viral on the social media. It said to see the cruel face of Hamas terrorists from the video. The two Israeli soldiers are shown in this horrific video, which was produced by Hamas terrorists, being bound with chains, covered in gunpowder, and set ablaze while they writhe in pain. It added that some traitors continue to support Hamas. Eliminating Hamas terrorists is crucial, and Israel as a whole deserves our support.

Several other users like Amitabh Chaudhary (“@MithilaWaala“), Ashish Vyas (“@ashishvyas__“), Amardeep Gahlot (“@Imamardeep_2627“), which are also verified accounts, claimed that this video of inhuman and diabolical actions has been made by the terrorists of Hamas.

What is the Actual Truth In This Video? : Fact

In actuality, this is an old video showing two Turkish soldiers who were taken prisoner and burned alive in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo by ISIS.The terror group released the video in 2016. The #IsrealPalestineconflict is unrelated to this.

ALARABIYA news published the article on this incident on Dec 23,2016. Militant websites shared the video, which showed two uniformed men being dragged out of a cage, bound, and set ablaze. The 19-minute video was allegedly recorded in northern Syria in the “Aleppo Province,” as declared by ISIS. The two men’s killer, using Turkish, verbally assaults Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and demands that “destruction be sowed” in Turkey.

@Raqqa_SL made the tweet about the incident on Dec 23, 2016. It shows that the incident is not from the current Israel- Palestine conflict.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Social media Users are sharing outdated videos and using it to relate with the current conflict to get impression.


Claim : Claiming to be of Hamas terrorists burning Israeli soldiers in the ongoing conflict, a disturbingly sensitive video has been shared that shows two men in uniform being burned alive while chained up.

Fact : The video shows two Turkish soldiers who were captured and set on fire by ISIS in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo. In 2016, the terrorist group made the video public. The Isreal – Palestine conflict has relation with this.

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