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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Child Suffered mud flow in Tajikistan, Video Viral as Palestinian Victim of The War: Fact-Check

Claiming to be a Palestinian victim of Israeli strikes in the ongoing conflict, a video has gone viral featuring a terrified young boy clinging to a tree and covered in mud.

A twitter user Abdul Samad (“@RealAbsamad“) posted the video on Oct 20,2023. He asked everyone to offer prayers for Gaza and Palestine. After the tweet, his tweet was viewed by an about 118.8k users.

@wald_alsanabis wrote “Look at this child, he is terrified and injured after the Zionist entity bombed their house. He was found hiding under a tree in this cold climate and complete darkness. #GazaHospital #PalestinianGenocide #غزة_تستغيث” after sharing the video on X.

Many other users, some of which are verified accounts. including Meer pki (“@meer_pki“), Shahbaz Anmad (“ShahbazAnmad38“), @ali19341745 claimed that it is a painful scene to watch the young boy covered in mud. The users shared the information to many other people that it is the result of Israeli strikes.

Is the Sensitive Video from the current Israel-Palestine confict? : Fact

The little child in this old video from Tajikistan actually made it out of a strong mudflow that struck the rural jamoat of Chuyangaron in Vahdat on the evening of August 27, 2023. It is not related to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

An article related to the incident was published on Sep 6,2023. They added how Safiallo, age 7, managed to flee and astonishingly survive during a strong mudflow in Vakhdat.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Out-of-context videos are circulated by propaganda accounts to set their agenda.


Claim : According to a video that has gone viral, a terrified young child clinging to a tree while covered in mud is a Palestinian victim of Israeli airstrikes during the ongoing conflict.

Fact : The young child in this old Tajikistani video, which was taken on the evening of August 27, 2023, in the rural jamoat of Chuyangaron in Vahdat, was fortunately spared from a strong mudflow. Nothing here is concerning the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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