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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video Of Israeli Army Sealing Illegal Water Well Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check

According to a leaked video, Israel is allegedly targeting Palestinians by filling in their water wells with cement concrete and sealing them. The video shows Israeli soldiers doing this.

Jackson Hinkle (“@jacksonhinklle“), a verified account on twitter with 2.1M followers claimed that the media is hiding the fact that Israel used to cover Palestinian water springs with cement. He also shared the video with his claim. The tweet made by him on Oct 20,2023 reached to an almost 5.2M views on X. It was further retweeted by 72k user accounts, who believed the claim to be true. The archive can be read from above.

Another user Hadi Raza (“@hadeedraza6“) tweeted the same after sharing the 32 seconds clip. It wrote “Israel once poured cement on water springs used by Palestinians. This is what the MEDIA IS HIDING! ” and added several related tags from the current conflict.

Myron Thee OG (“@myron_mhindi“) shared his thoughts about the incident. According to him, Under Israel’s cruel rule, the Palestinian people have endured immense suffering for 75 years. A Palestinian water spring has been permanently sealed off by the pouring of reinforced cement into it.
In order to stop agricultural irrigation in regions where numerous families are employed, Israeli forces also used bulldozers to invade Palestinian farms and dumped concrete into water supplies. In a another instance, Israeli forces ruined the irrigation system by pouring concrete into a well in the Palestinian hamlet of al-Hijrah, which is south of Hebron. The local Palestinian people lost access to the water supplies as a result of these acts, which also interfered with agricultural operations in the impacted areas. It is obvious that Israel wishes to expel all Palestinians from Gaza and seize their land. He added,this isn’t a war on terrorism; this is terrorism.

Several other accounts, including The X Reformer PK (“@PK_X_Reformer“) believed that the incident is from the current war between Israel and Hamas and the media has intentionally hidden this news.

The video went viral once again before October. What the media hides. (“@narrative_hole“) tweeted about the incident on Jul 27,2023. It added to the caption “Israelis pouring cement on water springs used by Palestinians in south Hebron”. The post went viral and was viewed by 20.3M users on X.

What is the Actual Reality about the Video? : Fact

The truth is that since the Palestinian population has increased by 75% since the Oslo Accord, Israel states that it has the right to take action against illegal Palestinian construction of homes and infrastructure in those areas, despite the fact that these water wells were illegal. Israel further claims that the Palestinians have no choice but to build illegally.

NGO MONITOR published an article on Oct 1,2023 clarifying about the incident. According to the previous UN report, over the past 20 years, half of the Palestinian wells in the West Bank have dried up.

The recorded frequency of illegally drilled wells, which adversely affects access to water, is left out, though. Reports from the Israel Water Authority (IWA) for the years 2019 and 2018 state that Israel found close to 140 cases of Palestinians drilling unauthorised wells in the West Bank. In a 2014 report, regional water expert Prof. Haim Gvirtzman said that because of decreased natural water discharge in the adjacent Beit She’an and Harod Valleys, Israeli farmers have been less active in agriculture as a result of illegal Palestinian well drilling.

TIMES OF ISRAEL shared the picture of Palestinian villagers Burin’s fields, who caught fire, and Yitzhar’s settlers fled the scene on July 29,2023.

Although lighting fires and destroying property is forbidden by religious laws ostensibly upheld by members of the Orthodox settlement and surrounding illegal outposts, the alleged arson was the most recent instance of apparent settler violence, which has gone largely unchecked for years and often occurs on the Jewish Sabbath. Two Palestinians were killed in unclear circumstances and numerous others were injured in recent months’ settler rampages through Palestinian towns that followed deadly terror attacks against Israelis.

Water Authority reports of 2019 attached the image of drilling in a pirate well in the Jericho bypass.

A picture of Pirate drilling in the Jordan Valley – H.Aatof area B. is also attached in the document of Water Authority reports of 2019. The drilling is active with a flow between 150-170k/hour.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Old videos from July are circulated by propagandists to set up false claims against Israel.


Claim : There have been claims that Israel is targeting Palestinians and has poured their water sources after an old video got viral showing Israeli soldiers filling water wells with cement concrete and sealing them.

Fact : The number of Palestinians living in those areas has increased by 75% since the Oslo Accord, Israel claims that it has the right to take action against them for building homes and other infrastructure illegally, citing the fact that these water wells were built without authorization.

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