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Haridwar, Uttarakhand — Muslim Individual Disguised Himself As A Hindu Sadhu And Abused Hindus? Here Is The Fact.

According to a video that has gone viral, a Muslim man disguises as a Hindu sadhu and abuses Hindus in the holy city of Haridwar. The video depicts a sadhu abusing the Hindu community.

Verified accounts on twitter, including JIX5A (“@JIX5A“) shared the video and questioned that why this man hasn’t been arrested. She added that in the sacred city of Haridwar, a Muslim man pretended to be a Hindu sadhu in order to extort money from Hindus. When confronted and questioned, he mistreats Hindus and the Hindu religion, saying that everything in the world, including Ganga ji, was made by his Allah and is theirs. The tweet was made on Oct 25, 2023. The archive can be read from above.

Many other users like Himalayan Ascension (“@Himalaya_ghost“) tweeted “Utk This bhuslim Javed Hussain acting as Sadhu is threatening Hindus. And using abusive words towards Brhamins and Hindu’s. And irony is this guy is asking for Bhiksha claiming as Sadhu in Harki Pauri Ghat Haridwar Uttarakhand. #Save Hindu pilgrimage sites. #Saveuk #Retweet“.

ANUPAM MISHRA (“@scribe9104“) tweeted that in Haridwar, “Baba Javed Hussain” is seen abusing Hindus while begging. Because these rivers and places of pilgrimage were made by Allah and His Messenger, Muslims have the right on all of those. He forwarded the video from the tweet post of Himalayan Ascension (“@Himalaya_ghost“).

User profiles on twitter, including Sagar Kumar “Sudarshan News” (“@KumaarSaagar“), Being Political (“@BeingPolitical1“) claimed the same that Hindus are being threatened by Javed Hussain, acting as Sadhu and speaking harshly of Hindus and Brhamins. The archive of the deleted posts can be read from above.

The snapshot of the twitter post of @ajaychauhan41 making the same claim about the incident is attached herewith.

What Is The Actual Reality About The Incident? : Fact

The police have clarified that the alleged Sadhu was intoxicted and was forced to use abusive language against Hindus. Legal action against the Sadhu and the individual has been taken. Uttarakhand Police (“@uttarakhandcops“) made the twitter post on Oct 25, 2023.

Haridwar Police Uttarakhand (“@haridwarpolice“) made the twitter post and wrote “Do not spoil social harmony by getting misled by false conspiracies. Haridwar Police is committed to take strict action against those sharing such posts.@uttarakhandcops#fakenews#ViralVideos” from the official account. It was clearly clarified that these are false claims which were spread by several users on the social media.

The Sadhu, Dilip Baghel, is from the Ghamauta village in the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. The matter is unrelated to a Muslim man posing as a Hindu.

The official Facebook account of Haridwar Police shared the original video on Oct 24, 2023 and clarified that the claims made are not true.

D-Intent’s Fact-checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating misleading videos from Haridwar to create communal disharmony.

Conclusion :

Claim : A video purporting to show a Muslim person disguising himself as a Hindu sadhu and abusing Hindus in the holy city of Haridwar has gone viral.

Fact : Police have clarified that the alleged Sadhu was given intoxicant and was then forced to use derogatory language against Hindus. Both the Sadhu and the individual are being targeted by legal action. Dilip Baghel is the Sadhu’s name, and he comes from the Ghamauta village in the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. It is unrelated to a Muslim man posing as a Hindu.

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