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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh — Authorities Removed Illegal Encroachments, Propagandists Circulate False Claims: Fact-Check

There is a video circulating of an anti-encroachment drive in which it is claimed that hundreds of Muslim properties were destroyed by Indian officials without any prior notice.

@TheINDOCOM515 made the same claim that the majority of properties owned by Muslims have been destroyed by Indian authorities.
Indian officials have demolished hundreds of innocent Muslims’ properties without  any warning. The tweet was made on Feb 26, 2024.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The truth is that all occupants were notified and the anti-encroachment drive was carried out pursuant to a court order. It is unrelated to religious persecution or Islamophobia.

We visited Hindustan Times, which published an article on this incident on Feb 27, 2024 with the headline “Akbar Nagar: HC dismisses plea of commercial establishment owners”. Hindustan Times posted about another article regarding the same incident on Feb 29, 2024 with the heading “Akbar Nagar: 24 structures knocked down in night-long bulldozer action”.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Pakistan-based propaganda accounts are circulating videos with false claims to start a propaganda. A video of an anti-encroachment drive is being circulated claiming that Hundreds of properties of Muslims have been destroyed by Indian authorities without any prior notice. The anti-encroachment drive was actually carried out in compliance with a court order, and all occupants were notified. It has nothing to do with persecution of any religion or Islamophobia.


Fact : Fact is that the anti-encroachment drive was conducted on court order, and every occupant was informed. It has nothing to do with Islamophobia or religious persecution.

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