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Video Of a Foreign Female Tourist Lying on a Beach in Bangladesh and Locals Lining up to Watch Her, Falsely Linked To India: Fact-Check 

Claiming to be from India, a video has gone viral showing a foreign female visitor laying on a beach with locals coming up to watch her.

Verified accounts on twitter, including @ownthoughts_24 tweeted “A girl went to a beach during her vacation in India and this is what she saw.” on March 6, 2024. The tweet has received an about 221.8k views on X.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

In actuality, this is an old video from Bangladesh showing a crowd gathering at a beach to see a foreigner. Since June 2020, the video has been accessible online. India is not involved in this at all. The claim that the video of the foreign visitor at a beach is from India, where the locals lined up to see her is not true at all.

The video was uploaded in Youtube on June 25, 2022.

Check out the Youtube Video:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating old videos from Bangladesh claiming to be from India to set their narrative targeting India. A video that shows a foreign female tourist lying on a beach and locals lining up to watch her has been shared, claiming to be from India. The video footage in question is really an old one from Bangladesh, showing a crowd gathering at a beach to witness a foreign visitor. It is at least June 2020 that the video is accessible online. India is unrelated to it.


Fact : Fact is that this is an old video from Bangladesh where a crowd gathered to see a foreigner at a beach. The video has been available online at least since June 2020. It has nothing to do with India.

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