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Arrested Pakistani Soldier is NOT Seema Haider, Say Authorities
Fact Check

Arrested Pakistani Soldier is NOT Seema Haider, Say Authorities

In recent days, a series of misleading images have been circulating on social media, causing confusion and panic among citizens. These images claim to show a Pakistani soldier army woman named Seema Haider, allegedly entering India illegally through the Nepal border. However, after thorough fact-checking, it has been revealed that the woman in the pictures is not Seema Haider, but rather Major Samia Rehman, a female peacekeeper working for the UN peacekeeping mission. This blog aims to shed light on the incident, explain the misleading links that fueled the misinformation, and reveal the results of D-Intent’s fact-checking process.

The Incident in Detail:

The misleading links that contributed to the dissemination of false information are as follows:

The first link, posted by Twitter user @INDStoryS, claimed to show images of Seema Haider crossing the Nepal border illegally. (Link: Archived)

The second link, shared by Twitter user @KashmirFact, also presented the same images, further perpetuating the false narrative. (Link: Archived)

The Fact-Checking Process:

D-Intent, a renowned fact-checking organization, took on the responsibility of verifying the authenticity of these images. After conducting an in-depth investigation, they found that the woman depicted in the Pakistan army uniform was not Seema Haider, but rather Major Samia Rehman. She is a dedicated female peacekeeper actively serving in the UN peacekeeping mission.

To corroborate their findings, D-Intent referred to credible sources such as:

A blog post by, which provided comprehensive details about Major Samia Rehman’s background and her involvement in the drama series “Sinf-e-Aahan.” (Link: Archived)

An Instagram post that showcased Major Samia Rehman’s commitment to her role as a peacekeeper. 


In conclusion, it is evident that the images circulating on social media are not related to Seema Haider but rather depict Major Samia Rehman, a dedicated Pakistani soldier serving as a female peacekeeper for the UN peacekeeping mission. The spread of misinformation through misleading links has caused unnecessary panic and confusion among citizens. The intent behind such misleading claims appears to be a form of propaganda to manipulate public opinion and create unrest in the country.

It is crucial for all social media users to be vigilant and verify the information they come across before sharing it further. Fact-checking organizations like D-Intent play a vital role in ensuring accurate information reaches the public, helping us stay informed and united in the face of misleading content. Let us strive to be responsible digital citizens, promoting truth and credibility in all our online interactions.

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