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Clarifying Misinformation: Vishwa Bharti School Denies Allegations of Banning Abaya for Muslim Girl Students in Srinagar

In the age of social media, misinformation can spread like wildfire, often leading to unnecessary issues and unrest. Recently, a series of tweets surfaced, claiming that Muslim girl students were being disallowed from entering Vishwa Bharti School in Rainawari, Srinagar, due to their hijab or abaya. However, a closer examination reveals that these claims are misleading and baseless. Vishwa Bharti School has stepped forward to clarify the situation, stating that there is no ban on wearing abaya, and the conversation with students and parents has been misrepresented. In this blog post, we will delve into the details and present the facts surrounding this incident.

Misleading Tweets Circulating: 

The controversy originated from a tweet by user @ashoswai, who claimed that Muslim girl students were being denied entry to Vishwa Bharti School because of their hijab or abaya. The tweet can be accessed here (archived version here). Other Twitter users, such as @FirdousQadriph1, @AhmedKhabeer_, @KashifArsalaan, @KhubaibMir_VoY, @KNO_NEWS, @AabidMagami, @malika_rushda, and @imMAK02, also shared similar claims. Their tweets and archived versions can be found in the links provided.

Misleading Tweet:

Vishwa Bharti School’s Response: 

Vishwa Bharti School promptly addressed the allegations and clarified the situation. The school’s statement, which can be accessed here (archived version here), emphasized that the news of female students being directed not to wear abaya is completely baseless and misrepresented. The school management made it clear that no ban had been imposed on wearing abaya by the school principal or administration.

Explanation from the School: 

According to the school’s clarification, students were politely conveyed to wear their school uniforms underneath the abaya. The intention behind this was to ensure uniformity and promote a sense of equality among all students. It is important to note that no restrictions have been imposed on wearing abaya within the school premises or classrooms. The school authorities maintain that the conversation with students and parents has been distorted, leading to the circulation of misleading information.

Fact-Checking the Misinformation: 

Fact Check-

To further confirm the facts, fact-checking platforms such as Roshni Daily also investigated the claims. They published an article on their Facebook page, which can be accessed here. Additionally, the fact check tweet by Roshni Daily can be found here (archived version here). These sources corroborate the school’s statement, supporting the conclusion that there is no ban on wearing abaya at Vishwa Bharti School.

Unmasking Misinformation Propaganda: 

Check our tweet-

The dissemination of misleading news is a growing concern, particularly in regions where tensions already exist. In this case, it appears that the claims regarding Vishwa Bharti School were an attempt to spread false information and create unnecessary issues and unrest in the valley. It is crucial for individuals to verify the accuracy of information before sharing it, as misinformation can have far-reaching consequences.


The allegations of Vishwa Bharti School in Srinagar banning Muslim girl students from wearing abaya have been debunked by the school itself. The school management clarified that there is no ban on wearing abaya, and the conversation with students and parents has been misrepresented. It is important to rely on accurate information from reliable sources and fact-check claims before drawing conclusions. In the age of social media, responsible sharing and consumption of information are paramount to prevent the spread of misinformation and maintain social harmony.

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