Debunking “Power Outage” Protesters Clash with Police in Bihar!

Social media has become a battleground for information, and sometimes, the truth can get lost in the chaos. Recently, a clash between “Power Outage” protesters and the police in Bihar’s Katihar has sparked a wave of misinformation on various platforms. In this blog, we unravel the incident’s details and shed light on the misleading links that have been circulating to create unrest and target the government about protesters clash with police in Bihar.

The Incident Unraveled:

The incident in question began with a regular power outage in Barsoi town, Bihar, which left hundreds of villagers frustrated with the irregular electricity supply and higher power tariffs. In protest, they gathered outside the electricity department to voice their concerns. Unfortunately, the peaceful protest escalated into stone pelting, leading the police to respond in self-defense by opening fire. Tragically, two protesters lost their lives, and several others were injured. Notably, the victims belong to both the majority and minority communities, and the incident has nothing to do with religion.

However, misinformation propaganda accounts saw an opportunity to sow seeds of hatred and divisiveness. They began circulating news with a communal angle, falsely portraying the incident as being driven by religious tensions. This created an inaccurate narrative and fueled animosity among different communities.

D-Intent’s Fact Checking:

Amid the rampant misinformation, D-Intent took on the task of fact-checking the incident to provide clarity and accuracy. Their investigation led them to reliable sources, including the official Bihar Police Twitter account. The tweet debunked the communal angle being spread and reaffirmed that the incident had no religious connections.

The intentions of the propaganda accounts behind circulating misleading links were clear – to target the government and create unrest. By adding a communal angle to the incident, they sought to incite hatred and spread divisive sentiments among the masses. The misleading links had the potential to spark further violence and disharmony in the region.


The incident involving “Power Outage” protesters and the police in Bihar’s Katihar was a tragic event driven by frustration over electricity issues, not religious tensions. Misinformation propaganda accounts attempted to exploit the situation and amplify communal narratives for their vested interests.

As responsible users of social media about protesters clash with police in Bihar, it is crucial to verify information before sharing it. By doing so, we can collectively combat misinformation and ensure that accurate and unbiased facts prevail, fostering harmony and understanding in our communities.

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