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Fact-Check: Hindu individual named Vikas Pathak has married his mother after the death of his father?

A video is being circulated on social media platforms with a claim that a Hindu man named Vikas Pathak has married his mother after the death of his father. D-Intent Data has found that the story is fake and concocted. There is no truth to the claim that Vikas Pathak married his mother after his father’s death.

Self-invented Claims circulated with old image

Extremists accounts on X(formerly Twitter) have shared the concocted video and projected it as a real incident.

Sharing the video NATION MUSLIM(@AmjadAsR) has said, “Look Hindus, Vikas Pathak married his mother Jyoti Pathak and made her his wife!And you defame Muslims in the name of Halala”.

Another user @Asgarkhan313716 has shared the video and said, “This boy’s name is Vikas and after his father died, he himself married his mother. What a Hindu custom! Wow.Note- Make sure to SAVE the video and RT it.”

Several other users have also shared the video and made same claims, their posts can be seen here, @AbidMohama61330, parvejalam8765

Fact-Check: Vikas Pathak married his mother after his father’s death?

As soon as the video came to our knowledge, we tried to find if the claims are true or false. Subsequently we did a reverse image search of some key frames from the viral video on Google which led us to a report containing the same visuals as shown in the viral video. The image used in the viral video are of Vijai Kumari and her son Kanhaiya Sharma.

As per the report, on October 22, 1993, Vijai, who lived with her husband Kanti Prasad and two children. A boy, Ravi Sharma and a girl Chandrawati, in a village in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. She was convicted of killing a neighbour’s child, who was found dead in a rubbish heap in October 1989.

Pregnant with her third child Kanhaiya at the time. Vijai was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Lucknow’s Adarsh Nari Bandi Niketan women’s prison. She gave birth to Kanhaiya four months after going into prison.

On May 4, 2013, Nineteen-year-old Kanhaiya Sharma arrived at the prison with the court papers and got bail for his mother Vijai.

The entire incident featuring the same people is completely different and unrelated. Aslo, there are no such reports of a Hindu man named Vikas Pathak marrying his mother Jyoti after the death of his father.


Extremist accounts circulate self-invented stories with false claims to target a particular community on the basis of religion.


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