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Fact Check: Man Brutally Killed His Girlfriend in Vasai, Mumbai – Debunking Casteist and Communal Claims

A tragic incident unfolded where a man killed his girlfriend in Vasai, Mumbai by striking her 15 times with an iron wrench in the Chinchpada area of Vasai East around 8.30 am. This appalling act has garnered widespread attention after several propagandists circulated the video with misleading casteist and communal claims.

Disturbing video of man killing his girlfriend in Vasai, Mumbai is viral with misleading claims

Several propagandists have picked up the sensitive video of the incident and shared with casteist and communal claims.

A user Mishkat Tweets has posted the video on X( Formerly Twitter) and projected as a caste-based hate crime against OBC(Other Backward Class) woman, sharing the video the user said., “बीच सड़क पर उच्च जाति के रोहित ने ओबीसी लड़की आरती यादव को लोहे के रिंच पाने से इतना बेरहमी से मारा की आरती की मौत हो गई।इसपे कोई भी हिन्दू नही बोलेगा क्योंकि मरने वाली यादव समाज से थी और मारने वाला हिंदू ब्राह्मण।” the Post can be seen here ( Archived )

Pakistan-based propaganda account @PSYWAROPS who is known to spread anti-India propaganda has also shared the video and projected it as a religion-based hate crime. While sharing the video the user said. “ln lndia🇮🇳, a Hindu man brutally kiIIed his sister with a spanner just because she feII in Love with her Muslim classmate and wanted to marry him. Despite the severity of the crime. the lndian police have not yet arrested him”. The post was later deleted. the archive is available here.

Vasai Mumbai Girlfriend Murder

What is the truth about the video of a man killing his girlfriend in Vasai, Mumbai?

Upon research we found several reports (AajTak, India Today) about the incident. As per the reports, both the deceased woman Aarti Yadav and the accused Rohit Yadav belonged to the same caste and community. According to the police, the crime stemmed from a love affair gone wrong. Rohit Yadav and Aarti were in a relationship until she broke up with him a few days prior. Suspecting that Aarti had started seeing someone else. Rohit allegedly killed her in a fit of rage. The entire incident has nothing to do with caste and religion.

Intent behind the false claims

Propagandists including Pakistanis circulate sensitive videos of a man killing his ex-girlfriend in Vasai, Mumbai with self-invented claims. to set their narrative based on caste and religion to create disharmony among communities.


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