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Fact-Check: Video Of Animal Sacrifice From Bangladesh Resurfaced as West Bengal, India

Recently, Muslims all over the world have celebrated their religious festival Eid al-Adha, also known as Bakrid, and sacrificed animals as part of the Islamic ritual of qurbani. Now, a sensitive video has gone viral on social media which shows a crowd involved in animal slaughtering in an open space in front of a building. Several users have shared the video with the claim that it is from India’s West Bengal. However, D-Intent Data has found that the viral video is not from India, but from Bangladesh. This video of animal sacrifice from Bangladesh has resurfaced and been misrepresented as being from West Bengal, India.

Video Of Animal Sacrifice From Bangladesh Disseminated with Misleading Claims

Several users on X(Formerly Twitter) have shared the sensitive video of animal sacrifices from Bangladesh and claimed to be from India.

Sharing the video of animal slaughtering, an account SaffronSunanda on X(Formerly Twitter), said., “Bakrid Celebration in West Bengal (allegedly). Language in this video is Bengali.200+ cows slaughtered here. Blood all over the ground in the front of some apartment. Is this a celebration or intentional show off of the power of Islam?” She later deleted the post. Archive is available here.

Video of animal sacrifice from Bangladesh

Another UK-based propaganda account JIX5A has also shared the video and said. “These could be mistaken for scenes straight out of a Hollywood horror movie. In reality, it’s a bloodbath from the slaughter of innocent beings on the streets of West Bengal. Mamata G-hadan’s vote bank”. The post can be seen here ( archived )

“Did anyone gift a beef dish to Mamata Banerjee? Look at West Bengal, 👇This is Eid celebrated in West Bengal.” said changu311 while sharing the video.The post is available here (archived)

Several other users have also shared the video of animal slaughtering with similar claims. Their posts can be accessed here 101hindu (Archived), mydurgeshshukla ( Archived ).

What is the Truth Behind the Viral Video of Animal Sacrifice from Bangladesh?

After investigating thoroughly, we found that this video is from Bangladesh. During research we found several images of the same buildings and infrastructure on Google maps. The surrounding infrastructure shown in the viral video is located at Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The building in front of which these animals are being slaughtered is known as Community Bhawan which is located at Shopnonagar Residential in Mirpur. The front area of the community Bhavan and the stairs are all the same. Moreover, In the viral video, the woman speaks Bengali with a Bangladeshi accent. However, the date of the video has not been verified.

D-Intent Data’s fact-check on X (Formerly Twitter) can be found here.

Intent behind the claims

Influencers circulate sensitive videos from Bangladesh claiming to be from India’s West Bengal to set their narrative based on religion against the state government.


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