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FACTCHECK: A Image is getting viral of Prime minister Narendra Modi & Jashodaben Modi in which they are seen smiling looking at each other

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A cropped image of prime minister Narendra Modi with a bride is being circulated with the misleading claim that the image featuring Prime minister Narendra Modi & Jashodaben Modi.Upon research we found full image on Facebook which was uploaded by a BJP leader in 2014. According to the post prime minister Narendra Modi attended BJP leader Keyur Hemant Chapatwalaa’s sister marriage around 1994. That’s why it was posted to clarify.Nothing to do with Prime minister Narendra Modi’s marriage or Jashodaben Modi.

INTENT: Political influencers spreading images of prime minister Narendra Modi with false claim to influence politics and create a fake clickbait tweet.



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