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FACTCHECK: “Extremist Mob Burns Truck in Alleged Cattle Transportation Incident”

551 ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:Villagers stopped a truck when they got information about truck full of cattle,they stopped it near Kadishana toll naka. After questioning,searching, when about 60 cattle were crammed in the truck,crowd got angry.After taking out all the cows. People took law into their own hands and vandalized the truck and set it on fire as driver and helper fled from the the spot, As soon as the information was received, the police also reached the spot and immediately the fire brigade extinguished the fire. Case was registered against about 400 people.Police has arrested 4 people so far. Yakub S/O Ayub Khan has been arrested in the case of cow smuggling. Vinay, Anshuman,Dinesh have been arrested on the charges of arson.

INTENT:Misinformation spreader sharing news without fact.

Misleading :


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