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FACTCHECK: A Hindu mob firing rockets at a mosque and shouting Jai Shri Ram in Maharashtra

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:A video is being circulated on social media in which people can be seen bursting crackers during celebration at a religious gathering.Users sharing video with misleading claim that these people were targeting religious place by firing rockets.Upon research we found that there is a Dargah “Hazrat Malik Rehan” at the foot of the mountain on which Vishalgad Fort and multiple temple reside. Both Hindus and Muslims worships at Dargah and both community people visits Shri Amruteshwar Temple and Fort on the mountain.Due to long route and huge crowd police blocked the road so people celebrated Mahashivratri in the front of Dargah by using harmless firecrackers. This is India where Hindus worship in Dargah and Muslims visit Mandir/Fort.Police presence there can be seen in the video too.

INTENT: This unity and religious harmony what this anti-national gang envy. Anti-India gang and hate spreader accounts sharing video to create unnecessary communal disharmony between religious groups in the country and unknowingly actually promoting India’s Unity (Irony).



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