#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Chhattisgarh (Bilaspur)-Two Dalit youths thrashed by men alleging cow-smuggling Instead of taking action against those who beat up the police, on the contrary, the charge of sending Dalits to jail!

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A video is being circulated on social media platforms in which some people can be seen thrashing two men who were carrying cow meat (Beef) in a sack, viral video is from Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur. Police said that around 50 locals reached the police station along with the two accused and lodged a complaint that they were selling cow meat by carrying it in a sack. Following which, a veterinary doctor was called for the examination of the meat in the sack.The complaint was found correct Case was registered against both the accused and they were sent to jail .

They were thrashed on the way to the police station. A medical examination of both the accused has been conducted and if any complaint is filed by them in future then action will be taken on it too Such activities are banned in the state under sections of the Chhattisagarh Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act 2004.Also both accused are 50+ yr old , not youth .

INTENT:Few media channels are trying to create disharmony between communities by peddling misleading news.




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