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#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Is it true @Javedakhtarjadu uncle ?”

#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Is it true @Javedakhtarjadu uncle ?”

Analysis: misleading
Fact: Javed Akhtar’s father Jan Nisar Akhtar’s completed matriculation from Victoria Collegiate High School, but didn’t worked there . His grandfather, Iftikhar Hussain, received Khan Bahadur was also an Freedom fighter, and his Great Great Grandfather, azl-e-Haq Khairabadi, was sentenced to life in prison in Kalapani (Cellular Jail) on Andaman Island for rebellion against British governance, and his property was confiscated by the judicial commissioner of Awadh court. He was imprisoned there until he died in 1861.
Intent: The person responding to Javed Akhtar did not do adequate research before responding, led misinforming many other social media users. Javed Akhtar also exaggerated that his entire family was a freedom fighter, when in fact his great grandfather and grandfather were the only freedom fighters.




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