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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Image Of Armenian soldiers Falsely Claimed To Be Of Indian Soldiers In Gaza: Fact-Check 

Four armed soldiers are shown in an image that has gone viral, purporting to show that these Indian mercenaries were killed in Gaza while they fought for Israel in the current conflict. 

Verified accounts on twitter, including Arnoud van Doorn (“@ArnoudvDoorn“) claimed that the four mercenaries from India killed many children in Gaza while fighting for Israel during the Israel vs Palestine war. The tweet was made on Jan 6, 2024, which has received an about 408k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @Visrael24 made the same claim that four Indian mercenaries, who fought for Israel and killed children in Gaza were killied in the current war. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

In actuality, reports state that this is an outdated photo of Armenian soldiers from the 2020 border between Karabakh and Azerbaijan. It is not related to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

@sipandro tweeted the picture of the same four soldiers and confirmed that these soldiers are Armenian soldiers. The tweet post was made on September 30, 2020.

For further investigation and verification, we visited many articles to get clear picture and clarification. We visited Jam News, which published an article on this incident on October 1, 2020 with the headline ” News, reports, photos / videos on military actions in Karabakh for October 1, 2020″. This shows that the incident is not at all recent. The article also shared the same image of the soldiers by writing “Stable tension remains on border, Armenian MoD says”.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating old images from different locations claiming to be from Gaza to set their anti-Israel and anti-India narrative.There is a picture of four armed soldiers that has gone viral with the claim that these Indian mercenaries were killed in Gaza while defending Israel. After proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we have discovered that this is an old photo of Armenian soldiers from the 2020 border between Karabakh and Azerbaijan, as per reports. Nothing concerning the conflict between Israel and Palestine.


Fact : According to reports, this is an old image of Armenian soldiers at the Karabakh-Azerbaijani border from 2020. It has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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