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Ashok SwainFact Check

“Japanese Prime Minister saved from assassination attempt thanks to quick-thinking bodyguard and unexpected handbag use” Read FactCheck

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:Japan’s prime minister #FumioKishida evacuated unharmed after his assassination attempt, visual of the incident are being circulated on social media which shows the moment a bodyguard reacted instantly to protect the PM using a briefcase during a smoke bomb attack. Anti-India propaganda spreader and so called intellectual,self proclaimed professor Ashok Swain also thought it is a ordinary briefcase. But it’s not an ordinary handbag but an expandable bullet proof shield. Commonly used by many Head of State’s protection units, where the equipment can be hand-carried, disguised as a briefcase. The ‘briefcase’ is ready for instant deployment as a protective shield in the event of any unexpected attack from a person with a firearm, knife etc.

INTENT: So called intellectual doesn’t know the difference between a handbag and a protective equipment and misleading his his entire follower base.

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