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Controversy Surrounds Arrest of Muslim Karate Teacher for Teaching Youth in Telangana, While Hindutva Organizations Continue Gun Training Without Consequence.

ANALYSIS: Misleading

Misleading Tweet:

FACT: Hate and misinformation propaganda spreader quoted a video claimed to be from Bajrang Dal training , and Misleadingly claimed that last year a Muslim Karate teacher was arrested because he was teaching Karate to Muslim youth in Telangana.But fact is that the 52-year-old man named Abdul Khader member of banned terrorist organisation PFI was arrested by Telangana police who was found to be training Muslim youth from the two Telugu states for violent anti-social activities,stone pelting, rioting and killing.Police aslo seized multiple books which were Anti-India and anti-Hindu.


INTENT: Religious extremist, hate misinformation propaganda spreaders defending terrorist activities by spreading fake narrative.

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