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Misleading Image Circulated During France Riots: The Truth Behind the Digital Manipulation
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Misleading Image Circulated During France Riots: The Truth Behind the Digital Manipulation

In the age of social media, it is crucial to be vigilant about the authenticity of the information we come across. Recently, a shocking image began circulating online, claiming that a group had flooded a local mall in France during the France Riots and released stolen sharks from an aquarium. However, after conducting a thorough investigation, it has been revealed that this image is nothing but a digitally altered hoax. In this article, we will uncover the chain of events surrounding this misleading image and shed light on its true origins.

The Misleading Claim: France Riots

The image in question, which shows a flooded concourse with people seemingly surrounded by sharks, was being shared on various platforms with the misleading claim of it being from the #FranceRiots. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that this was not the case.

Event 1: Toronto, Canada – June 2012:

The original image used in the digital manipulation can be traced back to an incident that occurred in Toronto, Canada, in June 2012. At that time, heavy rains hit Toronto’s Union Station, causing a mixture of rainwater and sewer water to flood the concourse of the Royal Bank Plaza. This natural disaster affected thousands of commuters, but there were no sharks involved in this incident.

Event 2: The Image Resurfaces in Kuwait:

Interestingly, this digitally altered image had previously made its way onto social media back in 2012, claiming to be from the Scientific Center in Kuwait. This reuse of the image with false claims highlights the alarming trend of misinformation spreading through different channels.

The Intent Behind the Misinformation:

The propagation of such digitally manipulated images with false claims during times of civil unrest, like the #FranceRiots, serves as a catalyst for further violence and chaos. Misinformation propaganda accounts aim to exploit sensitive situations and incite fear, confusion, and anger among the public.

Fact-Checking and Debunking the Hoax:

The D- Intent team has checked the facts and found that a mixture of rainwater and sewer water inundated the Royal Bank Plaza concourse in Toronto in 2012.


In the era of fast-spreading information through social media, it is crucial to approach every piece of content with caution. The incident involving a flooded mall and sharks, which allegedly occurred during the France Riots, has been proven to be a digitally manipulated image taken from a completely unrelated event in Toronto, Canada. By understanding the motives behind such misinformation and actively seeking out reliable sources, we can protect ourselves from falling prey to false narratives that only serve to escalate tensions and spread chaos.

Remember, the truth is essential, and critical thinking is our best defense against the spread of misinformation.

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