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Unraveling the truth behind the Collision Incident near Ubrikheda. Exposing misleading claims and the impact of false information.
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Misleading News Circulates Regarding Collision Incident near Ubrikheda

In the age of digital media, misinformation often finds its way into our news feeds, targeting institutions and public officials. Recently, news claiming a collision between two bikes near Ubrikheda in the Kamalganj area, with serious injuries and a lack of medical staff, began circulating. However, a closer look reveals a different story. Let’s delve into the incident, the misleading tweets, and the intent behind spreading false claims.

The Incident: Collision and Medical Treatment

According to the misleading news, three individuals were reportedly seriously injured in a collision between two bikes near Ubrikheda in Kamalganj. It was further alleged that when the injured were taken to the Community Health Center (CHC) hospital, no doctors or staff were present. Instead, the guard on duty at CHC Hospital attended to the injured. The Kamalganj police station claimed to have no information about the accident.

Misleading Tweet and Its Impact:

Twitter user @News1IndiaTweet shared a tweet (1) detailing the incident, creating an impression that the medical department and administration were neglecting their duties. The tweet quickly gained traction, spreading misinformation and generating concern among the public. The archived tweet (1) provides a record of the initial spread of the misleading information.

Fact-Checking by Fatehgarh Police:

Fatehgarh Police, upon noticing the circulation of misleading news, promptly fact-checked the claims. In their tweet (1), they clarified that the injured individual, Raju S/O Rajendra from Kiratpur, reached CHC Kamalganj in a helpless condition and was treated by other subordinate staff in the presence of Dr. Mansingh. The police emphasized that the claim of no doctors or staff being present at the hospital was false.

Intent Behind the Misleading News:

The intent behind circulating out-of-context news with false claims was to target the medical department and administration, creating a negative perception among the public. By manipulating facts, media outlets can exploit public sentiment, create mistrust, and undermine the efforts of healthcare providers and authorities.


The incident involving the collision near Ubrikheda and the subsequent misleading news highlights the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions. In this case, the false claims surrounding the lack of medical staff at the CHC hospital were debunked by Fatehgarh Police. It serves as a reminder for media consumers to be cautious and critically analyze news stories, especially when they involve sensitive topics such as healthcare.

By promoting responsible information-sharing practices and fact-checking, we can combat the spread of misinformation and contribute to a more informed society. It is crucial to support accurate reporting and hold media outlets accountable for their content to maintain public trust in journalism.

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Misleading Tweet: @News1IndiaTweet (Archived: Web Archive)

Fact-Checking by Fatehgarh Police: @fatehgarhpolice (Archived: Web Archive)

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