Misleading Tweets Circulate False Claims About MP Teacher Job Termination

In the age of social media, misinformation spreads like wildfire, often leading to the distortion of facts and the creation of false narratives. Recently, a series of tweets began circulating, claiming that Rahmat Bano, a female MP teacher, was fired from her job after having her third child. These tweets aimed to create a victim narrative while ignoring the actual reason behind the incident. In this blog, we delve into the incident, examine the misleading tweets, explore the fact-checking done by D-Intent, and shed light on the true intent behind this misinformation campaign.

The Incident: 

The incident revolves around Rahmat Bano, a MP teacher, who allegedly lost her job due to the birth of her third child. However, the truth lies in the existence of a two-child policy for government employees in the state. The Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (General Condition of Services) Rules, established in 2001, dictate that individuals become ineligible for government service if their third child was born on or after January 26, 2001. This rule extends not only to teachers but also to higher judicial services.

Misleading Tweets: 

Several Twitter users took to the platform to share their outrage, without considering the actual facts. Let’s analyze some of the misleading tweets that contributed to the spread of misinformation:

  1. Ahmed Khabeer (@AhmedKhabeer_): Ahmed Khabeer tweeted, “A female teacher named Rahmat Bano was fired from her job after having her 3rd child. This is a clear example of discrimination against women. #Injustice #UnfairDismissal.” (Original tweet: Link to Tweet, Archive: Link to Archive)
  2. Aziz Kavish (@azizkavish): Aziz Kavish shared, “Government’s double standards! Rahmat Bano, a teacher, was sacked merely for having a third child. This is a violation of her rights. #Inequality #Discrimination.” (Original tweet: Link to Tweet, Archive: Link to Archive)
  3. Ashraf Fem (@AshrafFem): Ashraf Fem tweeted, “Shameful! A female teacher was terminated from her job just because she had a third child. This is religious discrimination in disguise. #StopDiscrimination #UnfairTreatment.” (Original tweet: Link to Tweet, Archive: Link to Archive)
  4. S. Afreen (@s_afreen7): S. Afreen wrote, “Heartbreaking news! Rahmat Bano lost her job as a teacher after giving birth to her third child. The government’s archaic two-child policy needs to be challenged. #Injustice #UnjustTermination.” (Original tweet: Link to Tweet, Archive: Link to Archive)

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

To counter the misleading information being spread, D-Intent, a fact-checking organization, stepped in to verify the claims made in these tweets. They found that Madhya Pradesh indeed has a two-child policy in place since 2001, which applies to government employees across various sectors, including education. Any employee with a third child born on or after January 26, 2001, becomes ineligible for government service.

Fact-checking Sources:

  1. Two-child policy in Indian states (Indian Express) (Archive: Link to Archive)
  2. Burning Issues of the Month: Two-Child Policy (Drishti IAS) (Archive: Link to Archive)

The Intent: 

The intent behind this incident appears to be a deliberate attempt by certain individuals to spread misinformation, play the victim card, and create unnecessary religious propaganda. By selectively omitting crucial details about the two-child policy, these accounts aimed to manipulate public sentiment and fuel unrest.


Misinformation can have significant consequences, as it distorts reality, divides communities, and undermines trust. In the case of Rahmat Bano a MP teacher, the claim that she was fired solely for having a third child disregards the two-child policy enforced in Madhya Pradesh for government employees. It is essential for social media users to verify information before sharing it, and organizations like D-Intent play a crucial role in fact-checking and debunking false narratives. Let us strive to promote accurate information and combat the spread of misleading content to ensure a more informed and responsible society.

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