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Fact Check

Manipur Violence — Meira Paibi Leader Konsam Monica Justified Rape Of Kuki Women?: Fact-Check 

A postcard featuring Konsam Monica, a prominent figure and Meira Paibi leader, is viral with a description asserting that she has defended and justified the rape of Kuki women...
Ashok SwainFact Check

Fact-Check: Manipur Protest Rally by Meitei Group in the wake of Kuki Women Assault case.

Editor D-Intent Data
Social media is flooded with pictures of the Manipur Portest Rally. The media reports on the protest against the arrest of individuals who paraded the...
Fact Check

Misinformation Circulates: Myanmar Incident Falsely Linked to Manipur

Editor D-Intent Data
In the age of social media, the power to share information has never been easier. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility to ensure the...
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