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Manipur Violence — Meira Paibi Leader Konsam Monica Justified Rape Of Kuki Women?: Fact-Check 

A postcard featuring Konsam Monica, a prominent figure and Meira Paibi leader, is viral with a description asserting that she has defended and justified the rape of Kuki women as part of ethnic violence in Manipur.

@arunachalite tweeted “In an interview with the German news Channel DW, Konsam Monica, a Meira Paibi leader justified the rape of the Kuki women. I am assuming most Meiteis also think like her” . The claim was viral once on 2023 and the tweet was made on August 4, 2023. The tweet has received an about 27k views on X.

The tweet was once again viral in 2024. Several other accounts, including @GermanKukiChanu made the same claim by tweeting “RAPE is okay for Meiteis!! It is their only way to feel good!! #MeiteiRapistCommunity #MeiraPaibisSupportRape #MeiteiWarCrimes #ManipurKukiZoGENOCIDE All the meiteis in X come and justify your sister/mother/wife/daughter Monica Konsam! Let me know what your mental health issues are by reading down your comments.”. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

In August 2023, during an interview with DW News, she stated, “As a woman, I feel pity for them, but it’s a war.” The video does not have the exact question that she specifically answered. However, she also asserted that the Kuki people, not Meitei, were responsible for those attacks. She didn’t say what some users had claimed. August 2023 also saw the circulation of similar claims as mentioned above.

Check out the Youtube Video:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating false claims using out-of-context interviews to set their propaganda over the unrest in the Indian state of Manipur. A postcard that features Konsam Monica, a Meira Paibi leader,with a description claiming that she has justified the rape of Kuki Women in the ethnic violence in Manipur. During an August 2023 interview with DW News, she stated, “As a woman, I feel pity for them, but it’s a war.” The video does not include the precise question to which she answered. Yet, she added, the Kuki people, not Meitei, were really the ones who carried out those attacks. She refuted what users had claimed.


Fact :The fact is that in her interview with the DW News in August 2023, she said, “As a woman, I feel pity for them, but it’s a war.” The exact question is not available in the video to which she responded particularly. But she also claimed those attacks were not made by Meitei but, in fact, by the Kuki people. She didn’t say as claimed by users.

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