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The Shocking Story of Zainalauddin Arrest - All Because of a Rat?
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The Shocking Story of Zainalauddin Arrest – All Because of a Rat?

In today’s digital age, information spreads rapidly across social media platforms, and sometimes, this can lead to the spread of misinformation and propaganda. One such incident unfolded in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where a man named Zainalauddin found himself at the center of a controversial news story. Misleading accounts on Twitter claimed that he was arrested just because his bike ran over a rat near his biryani shop. However, the truth behind this shocking story of Zainalauddin arrest is far from what was being circulated.

The Incident Unraveled:

Let’s delve into the details of the incident and explore the misleading links that were shared. One of the earliest tweets making false claims about Zainalauddin’s arrest came from a user named KashifArsalaan, who asserted that he was taken into custody solely for accidentally killing a rat with his bike. The tweet was quickly retweeted by several other accounts, amplifying the false narrative.

Another tweet, this time from user puneetsinghlive, further fueled the misinformation by highlighting the alleged cruelty of the police in arresting Zainalauddin. Other accounts like s_afreen7, 007AliSohrab, NargisBano70, MuslimSpaces, KumaarSaagar, ZakirAliTyagi, SureshChavhanke, TrueStoryUP, and AizazGazi joined in, sharing similar false claims and garnering more attention to the incident.

Fact Checking by D-Intent:

However, amidst the chaos of misleading tweets, an organization called D-Intent took the responsibility of fact-checking this incident. They looked into the matter thoroughly and found that the claims made by these accounts were entirely false. In reality, the police clarified that Zainalauddin’s arrest had nothing to do with a rat killing.

According to the verified information provided by the Noida Police, Zainalauddin was involved in a scuffle with customers at his biryani shop over a transaction. Despite police interference, he refused to back down from the altercation, which led to his arrest under section-151 CrPC. The news of him being arrested due to killing a rat was proven to be baseless and a result of misinformation being spread.

Consequences of Misinformation:

The consequences of such misinformation can be severe. Innocent people can be unjustly targeted and subjected to false accusations, leading to personal and professional repercussions. Moreover, the spread of false narratives can create unnecessary tensions and animosity in society, fueling hatred and discord.

In this case, the intentions behind spreading the misinformation seem to be rooted in religious hate and propaganda. By creating a false narrative, these accounts aimed to defend the accused, Zainalauddin, and malign the administration.


The shocking story of Zainalauddin arrest due to an alleged rat killing highlights the importance of responsible information sharing on social media. Misleading links and tweets can have serious real-world implications and can contribute to the propagation of hate and misinformation.

It is crucial for individuals and organizations like D-Intent to step forward and fact-check such incidents to provide the public with accurate and verified information. By being cautious and vigilant consumers of information, we can collectively combat the spread of misinformation and promote a more informed and harmonious society.

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