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Chaos erupted on the Seoul subway when people smell gas, News circulated as BTS fans react to SUGA that led to the Panic: Fact-Check

BTS Suga revealed 7 friendship tattoos at his solo concert, misinformation being circulated regarding the event and BTS fans.

Chaotic visuals along with South Korean rapper SUGA are being circulated with the claim that Chaos erupted on the Seoul subway as BTS fans reacting to SUGA’s tattoo in public caused panic and confusion.The post has been viewed by nearly 1 million users as of now and retweeted by many. The misleading post can be found here (Archived).

The images of the incident show slippers, shoes, food packets and posters are scattered on the ground. Here is the fact behind the viral images being linked with BTS fans.

Research, Analysis and Fact

After the post went viral we made an effort to look for a little about the incident, and upon research, we found the truth behind the chaotic visuals. According to reports (Archived ) The panic on the subway was caused by people after smelling gas. The incident has nothing to do with BTS fans.

According to the police and fire authorities, a report was received from a passenger on an express train on Line 9 running in the direction of Gimpo Airport Station, saying, “There is a strange smell. People are running and falling.” When the train stopped at Sinnonhyeon Station, seven people were reported to have suffered abrasions and bruises as passengers hurriedly got off reported by SBS News.


Users including media outlets are circulating images with false claims to get the spotlight on social media and try to create a fan war.


Claim- Chaos erupted on the Seoul subway as BTS fans reacted to SUGA’s tattoo in public

Fact- The panic was caused by people after smelling gas.

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