Unmasking False News: Understanding the Flags at Karnataka’s Celebration Rallies

Following the assembly election results in the Indian state of Karnataka, celebration rallies were organized to express support for different political parties. These rallies showcased the diverse ideologies and opinions within the state. However, amidst the festivities, false news began to circulate, specifically regarding the flags of different faiths being flown. This blog aims to address the spread of misinformation surrounding the flags at the celebration rallies and shed light on the motives behind such false claims.

Flags of Different Faiths:

Celebration rallies often witness the display of various flags representing different political ideologies. In Karnataka, this included flags associated with different faiths. It is essential to recognize and respect the diversity of opinions and religious beliefs present in a democratic society. However, false news emerged, specifically misrepresenting the Islamic flag as the Pakistani flag.

Differentiating the Flags:

The Pakistani flag and the Islamic flag have distinct features that differentiate them. The Pakistani flag comprises a green field with a white crescent moon and a five-pointed star at its center. Additionally, there is a vertical white stripe at the hoist-end. On the other hand, the Islamic flag consists of a green field with a white crescent moon and a five-pointed star, without the presence of a white stripe.

False Claims and Disharmony:

Numerous users and political influencers seized upon the opportunity to spread false claims, projecting the Islamic flag as the Pakistani flag. By doing so, they sought to create disharmony and exploit religious sentiments within the state. It is crucial to understand that misrepresenting symbols can perpetuate divisions and undermine communal harmony.

The Presence of Islamic Flags in BJP Rallies:

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It is worth noting that the Islamic flag was not exclusively present in celebration rallies associated with a specific political party. Instances have been reported where the Islamic flag was also seen in BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) rallies. Misrepresenting this fact in an attempt to vilify a particular party or community is a prime example of how false news can be weaponized to serve personal or political agendas.

Promoting Media Literacy and Responsible Sharing:

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To combat the spread of false news and promote harmony within society, media literacy and responsible sharing of information are vital. It is incumbent upon individuals to critically evaluate the authenticity of claims and verify information from reliable sources before sharing it. By engaging in responsible sharing practices, we can contribute to fostering a more informed and cohesive society.


The dissemination of false news surrounding the flags at Karnataka’s celebration rallies emphasizes the importance of media literacy and responsible sharing. Differentiating between the Islamic flag and the Pakistani flag is essential to prevent the propagation of divisive narratives. Let us strive for an inclusive society that values diversity, respects religious beliefs, and upholds the principles of truth and unity. By collectively combating the spread of false news, we can safeguard the harmony and integrity of our democratic processes.

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