Unveiling the Deceptive Narrative: The Controversial Incident of a Canadian Politician Alleged Assault

In a recent incident Canadian politician alleged assault that garnered widespread attention, Joel Harden, a Canadian far-left politician and member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario, claimed to have been punched in the face during a protest against gender ideology outside a school in Ottawa. However, upon closer examination, the incident took a surprising turn, revealing a twisted narrative woven for political gain.

Description of the Incident:

On social media, Joel Harden shared an image of himself with the assertion that he had been physically assaulted while standing up for LGBTQ youth during the protest. He proclaimed his willingness to endure physical harm for the cause. Almost immediately, Jagmeet Singh, a prominent figure associated with Khalistani propaganda, expressed his support for Harden and condemned the attack.

Misleading Tweets:

  1. Tweet 1 by @JoelHardenONDP (Archived here): Joel Harden shared an image of himself claiming to have been punched during the protest, using it to rally support for LGBTQ rights.
  2. Tweet 2 by @theJagmeetSingh (Archived here): Jagmeet Singh swiftly backed Harden, offering his support and condemning the alleged attack.

Fact-Checking by D-Intent:

However, independent fact-checking efforts by D-Intent revealed a starkly different truth. A video surfaced that debunked Harden’s claims, clearly showing that he had scratched himself with his own megaphone. It became evident that no one had actually punched him during the protest.

Fact-Checking Source:

  1. Fact Check Video (Archived here): This video provided irrefutable evidence of Joel Harden’s self-inflicted injury, disproving his claims of being assaulted.

Complete Intent Behind the Incident:

The true intent behind this incident was to exploit the prevailing woke and LGBTQ phobia narratives to further Harden’s political agenda and garner support for the New Democratic Party. By fabricating an assault and positioning himself as a champion for transgender rights, Harden sought to manipulate public sentiment and gain political advantage.


The controversial incident involving Joel Harden, the Canadian far-left politician, exposed the lengths to which some individuals may go to further their political narratives. Through meticulous fact-checking, the truth prevailed, revealing the deceptive nature of Harden’s claims. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for thorough scrutiny and verification of information Canadian politician alleged assault in the era of digital misinformation.

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