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Viral Video Sparks Misleading Claims of Kidnapping and Caste-Based Marriage: The Truth Behind the Incident

In the age of social media, videos and images have the power to spread like wildfire, often leading to misconceptions and the propagation of false narratives. Recently, a video started circulating on various social media platforms, depicting a man carrying a crying woman in his arms while circling a fire, appearing to perform caste-based marriage rituals. This incident quickly became the center of attention, with misleading claims and allegations attached to it. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the incident, debunk the misleading tweets surrounding it, examine the fact-checking process conducted by D-Intent, and shed light on the complete intent behind the incident.

The Incident:

The incident in question took place on 1st June in Sankhla village, under the jurisdiction of Mohangarh police station in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. A video capturing the scene was widely shared on social media, triggering a storm of speculation and misinformation.

Misleading Tweets and Claims:

Several Twitter accounts, notorious for disseminating false information and promoting caste-based marriage hatred, swiftly seized upon the video, adding their own interpretations. Here are a few instances of misleading tweets along with their archived versions:

  1. Tweet 1 by @dalittimeseng (Archived here): This tweet claimed that the victim woman belonged to the Dalit community and was forcibly married to a man of a different caste.
  2. Tweet 2 by @AajaadSinh77854 (Archived here): The tweet propagated the false narrative of a Dalit woman being kidnapped and forcefully married.
  3. Tweet 3 by @DalitTime (Archived here): This tweet also falsely claimed that the incident involved a Dalit woman being coerced into marriage.
  4. Tweet 4 by @BSurhurpur (Archived here): This tweet amplified the misleading narrative surrounding the incident.
  5. Tweet 5 by @HaryanaVritant (Archived here): The tweet falsely connected the incident to caste-related tensions.
  6. Tweet 6 by @Akashsagr884 (Archived here): This tweet further fueled the false narrative and spread misinformation.
  7. Tweet 7 by @ncrsamacharlive (Archived here): The tweet perpetuated the misleading claims surrounding the incident.
  8. Tweet 8 by @UgeshRawat (Archived here): This tweet falsely connected the incident to caste-based hatred.

Fact-Checking by D-Intent:

To counter the spread of misinformation, the truth needed to be uncovered. The Jaisalmer Police, under the Twitter handle @JaisalmerPolice, actively engaged in fact-checking and debunking the misleading claims. They provided the following clarifications:

  1. Fact Check 1 (Archived here): The police clarified that both the man and the woman in the video belong to the same caste and that their families were initially in talks for their marriage.
  2. Fact Check 2 (Archived here): It was revealed that the woman’s family had backed out of the marriage, leading the main accused, Pushpendra Singh, to attempt to force the girl into the marriage.
  3. Fact Check 3 (Archived here): The police confirmed that all accused involved in the incident had been arrested and that further action was being taken.

Complete Intent Behind the Incident:

The intent behind the incident was to highlight the dangerous consequences of misinformation and the propagation of false narratives. Misinformation and caste-based hatred propaganda accounts seized the opportunity to manipulate the incident to further their own agendas. By connecting any crime to their agenda, these accounts sought sympathy and engaged in narrative building. It is crucial to recognize the harmful consequences of such actions and to be vigilant against the spread of misinformation.


The viral video showing a man carrying a crying woman during caste-based marriage rituals led to false narratives. Jaisalmer Police fact-checked the incident and clarified that it was unrelated to the Dalit community. This incident highlights the need to verify information and avoid spreading misleading claims. Let’s be vigilant and seek the truth to create a responsible digital environment.

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