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Viral Video in Gwalior Sparks Communal Claims, But Police Clarify Previous Assaults Led to Incident
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Viral Video in Gwalior Sparks Communal Claims, But Police Clarify Previous Assaults Led to Incident

In today’s digital age, where information spreads rapidly across social media platforms, it is crucial to verify the accuracy of viral tweets, images, and videos. Misleading content can easily manipulate public opinion and create unnecessary panic. That’s why organizations like D-Intent Data play a crucial role in fact-checking and debunking false narratives. In this blog, we will examine a recent incident involving a viral video from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, which was shared with misleading communal angles. We’ll delve into how D-Intent Data and local authorities clarified the truth behind the video, dispelling the rumors.

The Viral Video: 

The video in question shows a young man inside a moving car being thrashed with slippers by another individual. Many users on social media shared this video, attaching a communal angle to it and claiming that the victim, Mohsin, was kidnapped and beaten due to his identity.

The Fact-Checking Process: 

To uncover the truth behind the viral video, D-Intent Data and the Gwalior police took a closer look. It was revealed that the victim, Mohsin, and his accomplices had actually assaulted the accused in a previous incident on May 21. As a result, a case was registered at the Dabra police station. The police further clarified that the video being circulated was a result of the accused retaliating against the initial assault.

The Role of D-Intent Data: 

D-Intent Data, a prominent fact-checking organization, specializes in uncovering the truth behind misleading claims. In this case, they used their expertise to verify the authenticity of the viral video and its accompanying narrative. By examining the evidence and collaborating with local authorities, D-Intent Data ensured that the facts were brought to light.

Misleading Tweets and Their Impact: 

Several Twitter users shared the video, attaching false communal angles to it. These tweets aimed to manipulate public sentiment and target the government. Such misleading narratives can cause social unrest and damage public trust. However, with the help of D-Intent Data and the Gwalior police, the truth was revealed, preventing the spread of false information.

Debunking Misleading Tweets: 

Let’s examine some of the misleading tweets and the truth behind them:

By examining these tweets and the attached misleading claims, it becomes evident how false information can spread rapidly on social media.

The Role of Local Authorities: 

The Gwalior police actively collaborated with fact-checking organizations like D-Intent Data to debunk the misleading claims surrounding the viral video. They released an official statement clarifying the incident and the background behind it.

Validating the Facts: 

To verify the accuracy of the information provided by the Gwalior police, D-Intent Data cross-referenced it with official sources. These included tweets from reputable accounts, such as:


Fact-checking plays a crucial role in combating the spread of misinformation. In the case of the viral video from Gwalior, D-Intent Data collaborated with local authorities to uncover the truth. By debunking the misleading communal angles attached to the video, they prevented the propagation of false information. It is important for individuals to be critical of what they see and share on social media. Together, we can ensure a more informed and responsible digital landscape.

Remember, always verify before you share!

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