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Jind, Haryana — Digitally Altered Obscene Video of Wrestler Anshu Malik Surfaces as Real: Fact-Check

Just a few days ago, an alarming incident captured the attention of social media users when a video allegedly showing wrestler Anshu Malik in an explicit situation with a man began circulating online. This video rapidly gained traction, with claims that it genuinely depicted the athlete in a compromising situation. However, upon thorough investigation and scrutiny, it becomes evident that the video is a digitally altered fabrication with no basis in reality.

Several Twitter accounts, including @RathorVikas72, @bjpsohambhatt, @Pukhraj09667053, and @DeepakT31784502, played a significant role in recirculating this false narrative. Their actions contributed to the unnecessary tarnishing of Anshu Malik’s reputation and caused panic among the public.

The Source of the Misinformation

The viral video, extensively shared on social media platforms, initially featured an entirely different couple – a young man from Haryana and a girl from Himachal Pradesh. This couple was in a consensual relationship, and the video was maliciously edited to falsely implicate wrestler Anshu Malik. The police arrested the individual responsible for this deceitful edit, and he has confessed to his actions. A press conference was held after the arrest.

Jind Police’s Response

To quash the rumours and set the record straight, the Jind Police issued a statement on Twitter. In addition, they clarified that the video was an attempt to defame an international female athlete and that there was no connection between the viral video and Anshu Malik. The individual responsible for sharing the objectionable video under the guise of Anshu Malik was apprehended and is now facing legal consequences.


In conclusion, it is crucial to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of information before sharing it on social media platforms. In this case, wrestler Anshu Malik was wrongly accused, and the real culprits behind the video editing and dissemination have been arrested. Moreover, the malicious attempt to tarnish her reputation with a doctored video is not only harmful but also highlights the importance of responsible social media use.

Wrestler Anshu Malik, a rising star in Indian sports, has been making headlines for her outstanding achievements on the wrestling mat, moreover, she has represented India at international competitions and has been a source of pride for the country. Following a precise analysis and fact-checking, our team has reviewed the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread below.

Claim: An obscene video of wrestler Anshu Malik was circulated on social media.

Fact: The video was digitally altered and did not feature Anshu Malik.

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