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Pepsi Has Modified Its Product Design To Feature Palestinian Culture? Fact-Check

A picture of a designed “Pepsi can” is making the rounds, purporting to be an announcement from Pepsi Gaza that features new Product Design for their products that highlight Palestinian culture and heritage.

Verified accounts on twitter, including Shirin Khan (“@Shirinkhan0“) shared the image of the designed Pepsi can and tweeted “Liar. We are still boycotting Pepsi”. The post was made on Oct 30, 2023 and was reposted by more than 200 user accounts on X.

Muhammad Atif (“@muhammadatif_if“) also claimed that Pepsi has changed te design and wrote Palestine to avoid the boycott. The user asked to boycott the Israeli based products like Pepsi. The popular hastags from the ongoing conflict like #النصر_الاتفاق #غزة_تنتصر #ابو_عبيدة #مجزرة_جباليا #CeasefireForGaza #StopGenocideInGaza #Gaza #Palestine was also added in the twitter post.

Digital Alfaaz posted the picture on Facebook on Oct 26, 2023 with the caption “Pepsi Gaza introduces new designs to its products, showcasing Palestinian culture and heritage”. The post went viral was shared by 4.1k users on Facebook. The post was liked by 18k people on Facebook.

Several other users on X, including @Bernadotte22 claimed that The Product Designs were modified by Pepsi to feature the Palestinian culture.

What is the Actual Truth About the Viral Image? : Fact

It was discovered that Pepsi Gaza had not introduced a new design for the “Pepsi Can”.

The first Facebook user to post such an image was identified as Digital Alfaaz. We discovered that Digital Alfaaz is based in Pakistan after looking through their website. Given the intense anti-Israel protests Pepsi is currently experiencing in Pakistan, it is likely that this image originated there.

We looked at the PepsiCo website and found only a statement offering condolences to those who have lost family members. Pepsi GAZA’s Facebook page also has no announcement of this kind.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Users are spreading fake images to get spotlight using #IsraelPalestineWar.


Claim: A design of a “Pepsi Can” is being circulated, with the claim that Pepsi Gaza introduces new designs to its products, showcasing Palestinian culture and heritage.

Fact : There is no new Product Design of the “Pepsi Can” introduced by Pepsi Gaza. We found out a Facebook account called Digital Alfaaz that was the first to post such an image. We investigated Digital Alfaaz’s website and discovered that it is based in Pakistan. Because Pepsi is facing massive anti-Israel protests in Pakistan, it is likely that this image was sourced from there.

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