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Israel-Palestine Conflict— Video Of Smoke Grenade Viral as White Phosphorus Bomb: Fact-Check

A video has gone viral alleging that Israel is dropping illegal White phosphorus bombs on Gaza civilians.

Verified accounts on twitter, including @ytirawi tweeted “Shati RC, Gaza | Israeli occupation forces target a UN school with gunfire and bombing including use of white phosphorus shells. Palestinian families are running away.” after sharing the 15-seconds viral video. The post was made on Nov 2, 2023, which has received an about 400.5k views on X.

According to the Journalist @Tanvirpost, Israel is using prohibited White Phosphorus to bombard Gaza as a terrorist state. When in contact with white phosphorus, a person will begin to burn. It is extremely dangerous and spreads quickly. The user also added the popular hashtags from the current conflict like #GazaHolocaust #Gaza_Geniocide #Gaza #FreePalestineNow #GazaBleeding #Hamas.

@s_afreen7 claimed in the twitter post that with illegal White Phosphorus bombs, Israel is boming Gaza. Israel persistently violates all regulations by using white phosphorus, an explosive substance that is prohibited. The user further added the question in the post that when will Israel be subject to UN action, which betrays humanity. The social media users were also asked a question by the user in this post that whether all will choose to keep quiet and observe the slaughter of innocent individuals in Palestine.

Several other users, including Palestine Info Center (“@palinfoen“), @SeharSHasan, Quds News Network (“@QudsNen“), In Context (“@incontextmedia“), IND Story’s (“@INDStoryS“) claimed that using prohibited white phosphorus, Israeli forces bombed a UN school in the Shati refugee camp, where thousands sought refuge. The UNRWA-run school is allegedly the target of white phosphorus bombs dropped by Israeli warplanes. White phosphorus is a toxic substance that can cause severe harm to civilians and burns at temperatures high enough to melt metal. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About the Video? : Fact

In actuality, this is a smoke grenade rather and not a a white phosphorus bomb in the video.

The white phosphorus bomb does not look like this; instead, it is a transparent, colourless or yellowish substance that ignites when it comes into contact with oxygen. When it explodes, it produces a bright white smoke plume and a loud bang.

An youtube channel posted a video on 15 March, 2022 showing what are actually White Phosphorus bombs. The video was made after Ukraine has accused Russian forces of using white phosphorus bombs in eastern region of Luhansk. It is clear from the video that a white phosphorus video was not used in the viral video from the current conflict.

Check the video here:

The video of M83 Smoke Grenade was also posted in another youtube channel on Dec 21, 2009.

Check out the full video here:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Misinformation propaganda accounts are circulating videos of Smoke grenades as white phosphorus bombs to set their propaganda against Israel.


Claim : A video has gone viral claiming that Israel is dropping illegal white phosphorus bombs on civilians in Gaza.

Fact : The truth is that this is a smoke grenade, not a white phosphorus bomb.

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