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Old Image Of Massive Artillery Drill From North korea Falsely Linked to Iran-Israel Conflict: Fact-Check 

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Some have circulated a photograph purporting to show Iran preparing for war with Israel, showing massive artillery. @USGeneralLinda tweeted “#Iran has placed its entire military...
Fact CheckJackson Hinkle

US Congressman Wearing An Israeli Military Uniform? Fact-Check 

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A photo of US representative Brian Mast in an IDF uniform has gone viral, raising doubts about the congressman’s involvement in the IDF. Verified accounts on...
Fact CheckMegh Updates

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Lebanese Short Film Scene Went Viral as Palestinians ‘Faking Injuries’: Fact-Check

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A video of a young girl claiming to be a Palestinian girl faking injuries in #Pallywood has gone viral. Verified accounts on twitter, including @Sanatani_Kiran...
Fact CheckMuhammad TanveerSadaf Afreen صدف

Israel-Palestine Conflict— Video Of Smoke Grenade Viral as White Phosphorus Bomb: Fact-Check

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A video has gone viral alleging that Israel is dropping illegal White phosphorus bombs on Gaza civilians. Verified accounts on twitter, including @ytirawi tweeted “Shati...
Fact CheckWajid khan

Israel-Palestine Conflict— Old Video Of The Al-Qassam Brigades Circulated With False Claims: Fact-Check 

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It has been claimed that Hamas has been attacking Israeli Defence Forces vehicles recently. The video depicts terrorists from Hamas getting ready for battle, attacking military...
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